History, Philosophy and Politics

These subjects offer new ways to see, think about, and understand the world.


How did our world come to be the way it is? How is the country run, and how should it be run? Can we actually know anything about the world!? How can we test the claims and arguments made by other people?

Whether studying an ancient Roman document, or the very latest developments in Politics, our students become highly skilled in analysing information and making connections. In presenting a case for a particular understanding of an historical period, or a particular ethical position in Philosophy, our students learn to argue intelligently, in essays and in discussion. We help students to ask excellent questions, from Philosophical enquiries into what exists, to thoughts about which sources to trust most in History.

Courses (Click each course to see detailed course descriptions)
Philosophy, Religion and Ethics A Level
Philosophy, Religion and Ethics FAQs
Politics A Level
Politics FAQs
Ancient History A Level
Medievel and Tudor History A Level
Modern History A Level
History FAQs

Critical Thinking Enrichment
Critical thinking is reasonable, reflective thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do. It is an active process in which you think things through for yourself and apply a set of skills in order to analyse and evaluate the reasoning of a writer or speaker. Critical Thinking also encourages you to develop sound arguments based on clear reasoning supported by relevant evidence and examples. The skills taught are transferable and can have a positive impact on your achievement in other subjects.


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