North Hampshire Education Alliance

North Hampshire Education Alliance

The North Hampshire Education Alliance (NHEA) is a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), established on 1st October 2017, as a charity and company limited by guarantee. The Trust was created by Queen Mary’s College (QMC) in Basingstoke and contains one 16-19 academy (QMC) and a subsidiary company (QM Leisure Ltd.). The Trust is structured to enable other academies to join – in line with the Trust’s strategy.

The current strategy of the NHEA is – ‘to use the capacity created by the Trust to work collaboratively with other educational institutions and stakeholders building on our collective strengths to give the regions’ young people the opportunity to succeed, whatever their background’. The Trust’s strategy builds on the long-term partnership strategy and strategic vision of Queen Mary’s College for educational and social inclusion and higher levels of attainment in Basingstoke. QMC engages in, and often leads partnership arrangements across Basingstoke with a view to improving the life chances of all young people in the region.

The North Hampshire Education Alliance (NHEA) Trust is an exempt charity and company limited by guarantee registered at Companies House (England and Wales). Registered office: North Hampshire Education Alliance, Cliddesden Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 3HF. Company number 10933839.

Useful Information

Information about the Members and Trustees

The NHEA is structured in line with the requirements for a Multi Academy Trust with Members (acting as shareholders) and a Board of Trustees (Directors) overseeing Queen Mary’s College and QM Leisure Ltd.. There are currently five Members all of whom have strong links to the Trust and College and up to ten Trustees appointed by the Members some of whom also act as Local Governors or Directors of QM Leisure. The Trust sometimes co-opts additional Trustees. QM Leisure Ltd. has an additional Director who is independent to the NHEA Board of Trustees. Appointment details can be found here.

Ali Foss (former Principal of QMC and former CEO of NHEA)
Andrew Harding (Chair of Governors of QMC – before academy conversion)
Stephen Sheedy (former Principal of QMC – before academy conversion)
John Soar (former Chair of Trustees for NHEA)
Jo Carver (former Governor of QMC – before academy conversion)

Julie McLatch: Chair of the Board of Trustees
Mark Henderson: also CEO of NHEA and Principal of QMC
Richard Ash: Co-opted Trustee, also member of Local Governing Body
David Ayre
Roger Chung: Co-opted Trustee
Gordon Holdcroft
Mike O’Dwyer: also Director QM Leisure Ltd.
Dr Janice de Sousa: also Chair of Local Governing Body
Neil Taylor
Jean Thorpe – Safeguarding lead and Local Authority associated person
Guy Sudron
Pete Stagg

NHEA Meetings

The NHEA Members meet twice a year (October and January) and are also invited to attend the last Board of Trustees meeting of each academic year (July).

The Annual General Meeting takes place in January each year – next meeting scheduled for 23rd January 2024.

The NHEA Board of Trustees meets six times a year with one of the meetings usually linked to the Board’s annual strategy day. There is a Local Governing Body for Queen Mary’s College details of which can be found here. The NHEA Board of Trustees has four committees, Finance, Audit and Risk, Search and Governance, and Senior Post Holders Employment (acts as remuneration committee) as well as the QM Leisure Ltd. Board of Directors. Details of the governance arrangements for NHEA are set out in its Annual Report and Financial Statements and it its Scheme of Delegation


NHEA Documents & Further Information

The Trust has a duty to publish certain information online either due to statute, as set out in its funding agreement or as required by Department of Education (DfE) guidance. The majority of information about the Trust can be found in its Annual Reports (reports for the last two years are below). If you can’t find the information or policy that you might expect please contact us.

NHEA Policies and procedures (Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Data Protection, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) can be found through this link along with other Policies specific to Queen Mary’s College.

NHEA Annual Report and Financial Statements to 31st August 2023
NHEA Financial Statements – Audit Report to 31st August 2023

NHEA Annual Report and Financial Statements to 31st August 2022
NHEA Financial Statements – Audit Report to 31st August 2022

NHEA Scheme of Delegation(v3) – 2023NHEA Memorandum and Articles of AssociationNHEA Funding Agreement

Members, Trustees and Directors of QM Leisure Ltd. 2023/24

Members and Trustees Register of Interests 2023/24

Members, Trustees and Directors of QM Leisure Ltd. 2022/23

Trustees Attendance Records 2022/23

Executive Pay over £100k (2022/23) 

Gross annual Salary and Benefits                                 Members of Staff

£100k – £110k                                                                         1

details of other staff pay can be found in the most recent Annual Report and Financial Statements

The Trade Union Facility Time report

Relevant period April 2022 to March 2023

  • Trade union Representatives: 3
  • Percentage of working hours spent on facility time 1 to 50% of working hours : 3
  • Percentage of Pay spent on facility time : 0.0473
  • Percentage of total paid facility time hours spent on paid activities : 0%


Contact the NHEA

Any person wishing to contact the Chair of the Board of Trustees should do so through the Company Secretary (details below).

The NHEA is always interested in potential new Trustees. The Board meets each half term (six times each year) and has several Committees which meet at least once a term. Trustees are required to attend an initial training course and there is also usually at least one other training session each year as well as statutory online courses. The position of Trustee is unpaid, but reasonable expenses may be claimed.

The NHEA is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and seeks to recruit Trustees with the skills that are required for the effective operation of the Board and who reflect the diversity of staff and students at QMC, the community in Basingstoke and the wider area served by the College. If you would be interested to learn more about what is involved in being a Trustee, please contact the Company Secretary at: Toni.Baldwin@qmc.ac.uk or

Dr Toni Baldwin,Company SecretaryNorth Hampshire Education Alliance

Queen Mary’s CollegeCliddesden RoadBasingstokeHampshireRG21 3HF