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Travel to College

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Queen Mary’s College is easy to get to! The campus is set on a green and leafy site, only a short walk from Basingstoke town centre. QMC-direct buses operate from outside areas including Andover, Burghfield, Fleet, Newbury, and Whitchurch/Overton areas. (see below for full details)

We have a Green Travel Plan at Queen Mary’s College which commits us to cutting down car use to the site as much as possible – both for the benefit of the neighbourhood and to reduce the College’s impact on the wider environment. When thinking about travel to college please remember to look for the most environmentally friendly form of transport.

If you live within Basingstoke consider walking (walking directions) or cycling to College. These methods of travel are cheap, keep you fit and are good for the environment. There are many safe walking and cycle routes in to College and ample covered and guarded cycle parking is available at the College. Try and share lifts with family, friends or neighbours who also travel into Basingstoke. If you are being given a lift to College you must use the turning circle and drop off point at the far end of Cliddesden Road. Please be considerate to our neighbours and do not park in neighbouring streets or block driveways.


College Buses

QMC-Direct Bus Service
For students who live in the Andover/North Waltham, Burghfield, Fleet/Yateley/Hartley Wintney, Newbury/Headley/Kingsclere or Whitchurch/Overton areas the College organises private coach transport.

We recognise that transport represents a significant cost to families. We offer an annual pass for  £695* (*2024-25). As the services are contracted annually, tickets are only issued on an annual basis and payments are not refundable (unless the student decides not to enrol)

College bus passes are awarded on a first-come first-served basis. These services are often faster and more direct than the scheduled public services. These QMC buses deliver you direct to College site, but they only run once a day, each way, and are term time only. Your timetabled taught lessons may start and finish later/earlier than the bus schedule. This trapped time represents valuable opportunities for personal study, homework, etc. Our buses are not used by members of the general public. The passes cannot be used on Stagecoach services. If you lose your College bus pass it will cost £10 for a replacement.

College Bus routes and timings below are for services operating this academic year. They are for guidance only and may be subject to change for the new academic year. Buses aim to reach College by 8.45am and for the new academic year will leave the campus for the return journey at 16.10pm.

Code of Conduct for travel on the College Bus. The College reserves the right to refuse travel if this is not adhered to, see below;
We expect students at QMC to show respect to staff, and each other, at all times. College transport is a part of the College site. If you have any concerns whilst traveling report them to the driver when it is safe to do so and/or the College Help Desk. Your health, safety and welfare whilst traveling, is our priority and everyones responsibility.

Andover Direct Bus
• Andover, Weyhill Road, Aldi Bus Stop (07.40)
• The Drove Shops (where they meet Shakespeare Avenue) (07.50)
• Outside Andover Bus Station (layby next to the taxi rank) (07.55)
• North Waltham – The Wheatsheaf PH (08:15)

Burghfield Bus
• Burghfield Common, opp.Village Hall, Recreation Rd (07.30)
• Burghfield Common, School Lane, by Jordan’s Lane (07.31)
• Burghfield Common (RAF), Clay Hill, Chestnut Drive Bus Stop (07.33)
• Burghfield Village, Sulhamstead Rd, The Old Rectory (07.35)
• Burghfield Common, Reading Road, Holmdene Bus Stop (07.38)
• Burghfield Common, Reading Rd, Three Firs Ways Bus Stop (07.40)
• Mortimer, Bus Stop outside McColls (07.44)
• Mortimer, West End Rd, Junction of St Mary’s Road (07.47)
• Mortimer, West End Rd, The Turners Arms PH (07.49)
• Mortimer, West End Rd, Church Road, Village Hall Bus Stop (0752)
• Silchester, Calleva Arms PH (07.55)

Fleet Bus
• Yately, Reading Rd Bus Stop, outside Forge Court Kynoch Vets (07.20)
• Fleet, Avondale Rd Bus Stop (not station) (07.33)
• Fleet, Kings Road Bus Stop, between Kenilworth Road & Westover Road (07.36)
• Fleet, Reading Road South Bus Stop, just before Florence Road (07.40)
• Fleet, Aldershot Rd before Sandy Lane (by No 84) (07.46)
• Crookham Reach, Coxheath Rd Bus Stop (07.50)
• Fleet, Reading Rd North Bus Stop by Oatsheaf PH (07.55)
• Elvetham Heath Way Bus Stop (old Park & Ride), off A323 North of Railway (07.58)
• Hartley Wintney, High Street, opposite Swan Court (08.03)
• Phoenix Green (08.04)

Newbury Bus
• Penwood Old Police House Bus Stop, Foxes Lane (07.25)
• Woolton Hill, Blindman’s Gate (07.28)
• Woolton Hill, Harwood Rise (07.30)
• Woolton Hill, Greenways (07.32)
• Woolton Hill, Gainsborough Stud (07.33)
• Ball Hill, Burley Moor Farm (07.34)
• Ball Hill, The Furze Bush PH (07.35)
• Washwater Spring Gardens (07.40)
• Newbury, Andover Rd, The Gun PH Bus Stop (07.43)
• Newbury, Newtown Road, Porchester Rd Bus Stop (07.46)
• Newbury, Tesco Extra Bus stop on A339 (07.50)
• Newtown, Swan Roundabout Bus Stop on A339 (07.52)
• Greenham Business Park, Bishop’s Green Turn Bus Stop (07.54)
• Ashford Hill Road Bus Stop (07.57)
• Headley, Galley Lane Bus Stop (07.58)
• Kingsclere, The Square (08.05)

Whitchurch Bus (Andover, Laverstoke, Overton, Oakley)
• Andover, London Rd, Walled Meadow Bus Stop (Sheep Fair) (07.30)
• Andover, Winton School Bus Stop (07.33)
• Arbory Residential Home Bus Stop (07.38)
• Hurstbourne Priors, Hurstbourne Inn (07.40)
• Whitchurch, Station Road Bus Stop opposite station (07.45)
• Whitchurch Bell St Bus Stop, outside Bell Inn (07.48)
• Laverstoke, B3400 Bus Stop, Bombay Sapphire (07.55)
• Overton, The Square (08.02)
• Overton, Overton Hill (08.04)
• Oakley, Bus Stop on Fox Lane at Junction with Pack Lane (08.13)

Public Bus Transport

The college is approximately 15 minutes walk from train and bus stations.

Stagecoach Buses

To use scheduled Stagecoach bus services to and from College you will need to purchase a StudentRider Basingstoke (local/inner Basingstoke), or a StudentRider Gold (for those living outside Basingstoke). You must apply for the zone appropriate to your address and this will be checked. The Stagecoach bus pass has the advantage that it can also be used in the evenings, at weekends and during holidays, without additional payments, for travel within your area. You must carry photo ID in support of your bus pass. Stagecoach usually updates their prices for the new academic year by August latest:

• Student rate tickets will be available to any full time student aged 16+.
• Applications are made through the Stagecoach website and issued as a smartcard.
• Replacement smartcards can be requested by students free of charge through the Stagecoach
website or by phone.
• It is not possible to pay QMC for a Stagecoach Bus Pass. If you live within the Basingstoke town area and wish to purchase a weekly or monthly bus pass you can do so by contacting Stagecoach directly.

How to Apply for a Stagecoach Bus Pass
Applications for the new academic year can be made online from early August 2024 through Stagecoach. For information regarding bus timetables, zone maps, etc, please visit the Stagecoach website.
Stagecoach Bus Pass
If you do not have access to the internet please contact Stagecoach on 0345 121 0190.

Travel by Train

The College is approximately 15 minutes walk from train and bus stations.
South Western Railway operate numerous services that stop in Basingstoke.

16-17 Saver – If you are aged 16 or 17 you can enjoy 50% off standard Anytime, Off-Peak,
Advance and Season tickets, helping you save money on travel to college, trips into town, days out
to the coast, or weekend festivals. The Saver is valid for one year or until you turn 18. You can
use the 16-17 discounted tickets on National Rail services across Great Britain (but not on ScotRail
and Caledonian Sleeper services). View Details.


We also offer a South Western Railway Scholar’s pass which offers a 34% discount to students travelling from some areas. If you would like more information please contact the Help Desk at info@qmc.ac.uk. Tickets are ordered by the College and payments made directly to QMC.



Driving and Parking

Driving and Parking

Parking spaces at College are limited and priority is given to students who:

  • Have completed at least one full year at the college
  • Need to use their own transport for reasons of disability
  • Live outside a five mile radius from the college (as the crow flies)
  • Live in an area where access to public transport is poor
  • Have attendance greater than 85%
  • Have paid their course resources fees

If you wish to apply for a parking permit an application form is available from the Help Desk. Each application will be considered on its merits and special cases will be viewed sympathetically. Please note that being issued a permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space. If you are issued a permit to park you will need to pay a fee. Please contact the Help Desk for further information.


Please contact the Help Desk via email: help.desk@qmc.ac.uk for further information.




Stagecoach’s Enquiry Unit 0345 121 0190 General enquiries regarding Stagecoach services and replacement passes.
Help Desk help.desk@qmc.ac.uk General enquiries regarding all College bus and replacement passes, financial assistance, methods of payment, application queries etc.


If you have any queries about travel then please contact the College Help Desk via email: help.desk@qmc.ac.uk.