Queen Mary’s College offers students to complete their English Language GCSE and Maths GCSE. We also offer students to retake GCSE maths and English courseBoth English Language and Maths GCSE serve as an important and essential qualification to continue on with further study/courses and to apply for most jobs.

We understand this and focus on helping students through friendly and engaging lessons, support sessions, workshops etc., so they can progress. With our subject specialists who provide great knowledge and even greater support, you will be able to excel.

Take a look at what English Language GCSE and Maths GCSE at QMC consists of below.

English Language GCSE

English Language GCSE is a new specification that aims to develop your skills in critically reading and responding to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts from across the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty first centuries. Throughout the course we will also enhance your writing skills across a number of genres for different purposes with a particular focus on developing your linguistic accuracy and vocabulary.

To prepare you for the unseen texts in the final examinations, you will study texts from across these centuries through a range of exciting topics. We aim to develop your enjoyment of reading as well as your analytical skills.

There is also a spoken language unit that aims to develop your presentational skills with the use of spoken Standard English. This unit does not contribute to your final grade but is awarded a pass, merit or distinction that will be identified on your certificate.

Progression and Opportunities

The syllabus gives opportunities for progression to study a level 3 programme at QMC and is an essential qualification for life.

Method of Assessment

Two final examinations.

Maths GCSE

If you miss out on a grade 4 at school, we offer a fast-track resit course, with the option to retake the exams in November. Our excellent pass-rate means your future plans won’t be disrupted: you can gain that qualification early in the year whilst at the same time getting on with your other chosen courses. Job done!

Progression and Opportunities

GCSE Mathematics can be studied alongside a level 3 programme (A levels or BTEC advanced diploma). It is a one-year course, so you can resit the course in your first year of college and free up your time in the second year to focus on your other studies. You will receive 4 hours of teaching time per week.

We all know that GCSE Maths is a required qualification for many jobs and university courses. It gives you the all-important number skills for life – to understand your pay and budget for household bills; to interpret data presented in charts, graphs and tables and perform simple calculations, including the use of algebra.

Entry Requirement

GCSE Mathematics at grade 3.

Method of Assessment

  • 100% by examination: two calculator papers and one non-calculator paper
  • Two opportunities to sit the exams: November and May/Jun
  • If you pass in November, you do not need to complete the year.