Queen Mary’s College is only a short walk from Basingstoke town centre, situated on a green and leafy campus. In recent years we have invested over £20 million in the College buildings and infrastructure which has resulted in a modern, spacious and engaging environment for students to study in.

The facilities at QMC provide students with a great environment to learn and socialise in. With state of the art science labs and classrooms, specialist buildings for esports, art and music, our own theatre and sports centre and the latest technological equipment, students have access to facilities and resources that many other colleges just cannot compete with.

Evan Cummings

I really enjoy the campus, I like how big it is and how there are lots of places to go, so it never feels overwhelming despite having a lot of students. The teachers are really exceptional and engaged. They genuinely care and are trying to get the best out of you. I like the variety of enrichments offered and how we’re encouraged to take part in a range of new things. I have a wide range of interests so I don’t feel restricted to the subjects that I have chosen. – Trinity School Newbury