If you would like to build upon existing knowledge, gain another qualification to support your higher education entry, strengthen your job application or simply learn a new skill you’ll find lots of exciting opportunities to support this at QMC.

Please note that the list of enrichments is constantly changing with new opportunities being added on a regular basis too.


Develop professional skills needed by art students. This enrichment is suitable for those intending to further their practice at university and beyond. Students will take control of the Art Department’s exhibition programme, including marketing, culminating in the end of year exhibition. Additionally, students learn how to put together both digital and physical portfolios ready for interviews and careers in your chosen field.


This enrichment offers an opportunity to look at some features of societies from the ancient world – primarily Neolithic, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic. Students will be able to explore the cultures and histories of these societies and judge whether ancient peoples really were different to modern humans. We will also look at how we are able to understand the past through use of evidence and archaeology.

Carbon Literacy

Become ‘Carbon Literate’ certified! Develop your understanding of the carbon impacts your actions and learn to make more informed choices about the most energy/resource efficient options available to you. Please note that there is a £10 cost for this enrichment. 

Creative Writing

Want to be a writer but not sure where to start? This enrichment will give you the chance to develop your skills, learn about the craft of writing, and even beat the dreaded writer’s block. You’ll be writing in a variety of genres, looking at short stories, poems, plays and TV scripts, discussing and sharing work with your fellow writers. This enrichment is particularly useful for those intending to do Creative Writing at university.

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch is one of the easiest forms of needlework. It is a good mindfulness activity, good for reducing stress and can help with anxiety. You can follow a pattern or be creative and make your own masterpiece! Create bookmarks, pictures, or even presents!

Cyber Centurion

This enrichment is suitable for anyone with an interest in cybersecurity. Teams participate in a series of virtual competition rounds against one another and the clock, and are tasked with securing a range of computer systems.

Dead Poets’ Society 

This is a poetry club for those interested in reading, analysing and writing poetry. The weekly sessions consists of examining poems across the centuries, music lyrics writing, automatics writing and traditional poetic form. You will also be able to craft your own poems. Students have had their poems published in print (books) and in online publications previously.


“Is space exploration a waste of time and money?” “Should artistic expression sometimes be censored?” “Is Brexit benefitting the UK?” Through in-house and inter-college student debates, you’ll explore a huge range of issues like these. You’ll improve your skills in constructing and presenting convincing arguments and gain confidence in public speaking. There are also roles behind the scenes for those who would like them. 

English as a Foreign Language

English is spoken almost everywhere as a second language. Knowing the techniques of how to teach is a great skill to have when it comes to subsidise your Gap Year or travels abroad. This enrichment will introduce you to lesson planning and methodology to help you to teach your own language to others. It will be suitable to anyone who wants to add a linguistic skillset to their CV.


A course for students who already have a business concept, or who have a strong desire to start their own business. Especially relevant to business students on A Level or Vocational courses but all who are passionate about starting businesses are welcome.


This course allows you to explore current trends, issues, ethics and codes of conduct in Esports. You will participate in single and multiplayer games events to help you study and understand the impact of immersive gaming experiences. You will examine Esports from a number of perspectives including the effects of competitive game play, sports science, psychology, event promotion and management. 


Students gain a broad overview of the reality of forensic psychology and the processes that forensic psychologists can assist with. This enrichment includes the ‘Behind Bars’ conference and other guest speakers.  Forensic Psychology will broaden your understanding of psychological concepts and supports transition into careers/further education.

Fashion Production

Interested in fashion? Do you want to make your own clothing? This is the ideal enrichment for all Textile students to learn fabric types, properties, stitches, seams, hems, fastenings and how to clone your wardrobe! Fashion Production supports both Textile and Art, Craft & Design students in their second year of study, but other art students are welcome to join.

Further English

Further English is a weekly seminar aimed primarily at students wanting to study English Literature at university, although all are welcome. The course offers a chronological overview of English Literature.

Introduction to Counselling

You will gain a qualification where you will be introduced to the use of helping skills in everyday life and work. You will study developing self-awareness for helping relationships, listening, communication skills, and managing the helping relationship. This is ideal for anyone studying a Health and Social Care course who wishes to enter the caring professions. 

Law Mock Trials

This course offers the opportunity to get involved in mooting and the Bar Mock Trial competition, as well as extending your knowledge of case law. This enrichment supports A level study and Extended Project work in related areas and strengthens applications for selecting universities. 

Performance Analysis

Students will learn about performance analysis in sport.

Personal Finance

A short-course to prepare you for the world of work or university. The course looks at all aspects of personal finance relevant to young people including work and pay, income tax and National Insurance, savings and loans and budgeting.


A chance to produce a regular radio/podcast ‘Politics show’, exploring the unpredictable world of politics. You can take on roles ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘in the studio’. Suitable for any student with an interest in politics and current affairs, even if you’re not studying Politics A Level. A unique chance to develop your teamwork, research and communication skills while exploring the latest stories.

Public Speaking

Through a gentle programme of skill building, practice and discussion, master your confidence and move towards speaking in public without fear. Whether you want to be braver giving presentations to your class or happy on stage as a performer, we will work with you to achieve your goals.


This can accompany the mainstream media courses that we offer, but more skilled/interested students would have the opportunity to create (write, develop, plan, shoot and edit) their own short film. This will develop students’ group working skills, creative thinking and skills development for industry. It will also assist the UCAS applications of those intending to study Film/Media Production.


A 6 week beginners’ course in silver jewellery making. Learn how to make a simple sterling silver ring, and a pair of hoop earrings.  Please note that there is a cost of £20.00 for this.

Sports Massage

The sports massage enrichment gives you an insight into how the industry works and how it is carried out. Learn more about this interesting career.

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