Upskill: Languages

Upskill: Languages


Aimed at complete beginners who wish to communicate in a modern language in a range of situations, you will learn how to speak and write in the language and will have the opportunity to discover the traditions and histories of the countries where the language is spoken. Topics studied include: introductions and general conversation, food and drink, travel, music, cinema, interests, sport, history and culture. Students studying Japanese and German will have the opportunity to take assessments if they progress to the second year of the course.

Holiday For Italian

A short course which will help you to learn how to get by in Italian.  Focus on holidays and situations you may face when travelling in Italy.

Holiday for German

This course for complete beginners covers introductions, talking about your family and your town, asking for directions, travel and transport, ordering food in a restaurant, booking accommodation, and German traditions.

Japanese for Beginners

This is a course for those wishing to learn Japanese from scratch, covering conversation, comprehension, and writing skills as well as cultural aspects. This can lead to Japanese GCSE in Year 2 for those interested.

Latin for Beginners

An introduction to Classical Latin aimed primarily at students of history and languages. The content of the course will include vocabulary/grammar work and some project work on Roman Culture. A useful enrichment opportunity to support applications to study university courses in Ancient History/Classics/Languages.