Update for Year 11 Applicants:
Following Monday's announcement we are currently weighing up our excitement about welcoming all our applicants to our upcoming on-site events with the potential health risk that opening up could pose. It is our absolute priority to protect the health and wellbeing of our current and future students, as well as the wider community.
We have decided to switch to our Plan B for the Parent and Welcome Events scheduled to start next week. The talk, initially scheduled for 21st June, 22nd June and 7th July will now be a recorded video that we will send to parents of new starters on or before 7th July. Please bear with us and we will email you early next week with confirmed plans for all the other opportunities in the diary for Year 11s.
In the meantime we have increased the availability of our Campus Tours and they can be pre-booked via the Year 11 Portal.
Please be assured that whether we go with our original or switch to our back up plans, we will ensure that Year 11s will have access to everything they need.
Many thanks for your understanding and patience.
Queen Mary's College

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