Foundation Learning

Queen Mary’s College is committed to offering a quality learning experience to all students, regardless of learning difficulty and/or disability. The College Disability Statement and the Learning Support Service Policy Statement are available on request.

The Foundation Learning Department offers specialist support for a wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities and student courses are individually planned to suit individual needs.

We offer students two distinct courses; the Foundation Learning Package and Foundation Learning Progression Course.

Each student programme includes social and independence skills,  basic skills, practical skills and pre-vocational opportunities. Progression to a range of further courses is discussed at a formal meeting with the Head of Foundation Learning and a Specialist Connexions adviser.

How do Students Access Support?
Students should indication on their application form that they have additional support needs. These can then be discussed at College Consultations with the liaison tutor and the Head of Foundation Learning. Students and/or parents can also discuss individual needs at Open Evenings or at one of the individual consultations before starting College in September.


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