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Every year over 1,200 new students join QMC from a wide range of schools and backgrounds. Our students travel from a large area with many coming from across the UK.

Welcome to Queen Mary’s College! As a leading provider of sixth form education QMC is an excellent place to embark upon the next stage of your education; the staff here thoroughly enjoy working with young people, the atmosphere is vibrant and engaging, and we have fantastic facilities to enhance your College experience. Most people find it impossible to resist participating in the opportunities open to them when they join the College. Yes, you will be expected to work hard, but we also hope that you will enjoy your time here by utilising the enrichment and social opportunities available.

It is no accident that you will likely enjoy every minute and develop a passion for the things you wish to pursue in later life, whatever they may be. Wherever you are coming from you can rest assured that you will receive a warm welcome and, due to the friendly atmosphere, will find it easy to settle in to College life.

College is a fresh start; a chance to make new friends, try new subjects and new activities. Whatever your passion you will find something or someone to help you develop it. Come and see us to find your inspiration

QMC is committed to its open access policy and we only have one vital entry condition; that you demonstrate enthusiasm for your studies and are prepared to work and learn.  You will have a wealth of opportunities available to you at QMC and you will receive the support you need to develop to your full potential. Whether you know what you want to do in the future or have no idea, I'd encourage you to come and have a look around the College to get a feel for what it is like to be a student here. Whatever your ambitions are - going to university, getting a good job, a personal achievement - we will work with you to make it happen.

Mark Henderson


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