Queen Mary's Science Centre

"The work in the Science Centre for children of primary school age is outstanding." (Ofsted)

The Science Centre at Queen Mary's College is a specially designed science laboratory for use by primary school children across Basingstoke and Hampshire.


Welcoming over 4,000 4-11 year old primary school pupils each year, children come to the Centre with their class for a fun and interactive session that focuses on the area of science that they are currently learning about in school. With hands-on scientific experimentation and investigation, these sessions truly engage and inspire not only the children but also their adult helpers with science.

The Centre consists of a suite of rooms including a main laboratory that can be subdivided to provide a dark area; dedicated toilets and a totally enclosed science garden and is located in the new Spectrum Building at the College. It has an extensive range of equipment covering the whole primary science curriculum. Minibus transport is provided for schools outside walking distance but within a 20 – 25 minute driving distance of the College.

Advantages of using the Centre

  • There is a set of experiments for each year group (1-6) that cover each of the subjects in in the New National Science Curriculum and these can be adjusted to fit the learning needs of the class. 
  • The wide range of carefully developed experiments allows classroom learning to be applied and extended through practical science.
  • The Centre has a broader range of quality equipment and resources that many schools have access to. 
  • Children can work in the lab or outside on experiments.  The Science garden and large college grounds also provide a diverse variety of habitats including ponds. Occasionally other specialized areas of the college can be used for different experiments. 
  • We can sometimes loan equipment to do extension work back at school. 
  • Working in small groups allows the teacher to assess the progress and difficulties experienced by each individual child.  
  • Sessions are great fun and provide a memorable experience for the children.  
  • The Centre is risk assessed for children aged 4-11 years.

A typical session

The usual format is for a circus of four experiments to be carried out with the children working in groups of  6-8. These are managed by the Centre staff with technical back up from College staff, and work best if there is an adult leader for each group that have come with the children.

What does it cost?

In partnership with AWE we are pleased to be able to offer free sessions and transport for local schools. For more information and to  book a session at the Science Centre please contact us using the details below.

Science Centre Leaflet (click to open/download the flyer) 

Please note that sessions can get booked up quickly so we advise booking several months in advance of your required date.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01256 417500  Extension 7700



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