Environmental Science A Level

Environmental Science A Level

Embark on a journey to deepen your passion for the environment with our exciting, new Environmental Science A Level course. Explore the intricate ecosystems of our planet and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to address contemporary environmental challenges. This course invites you to understand the delicate balance of ecosystems, analyse the impact of human activities on natural resources, and explore sustainable solutions for a better future. 

Studying Science in our state-of-the-art labs and project spaces will enable you to develop the necessary technical ability and knowledge to play your part. Whatever your talent, at QMC you will find customised support to meet your aspirations and successfully pursue your particular interests and goals.

Teaching Methods

Our Environmental Science A Level course employs diverse teaching methods to enhance your learning experience. You will engage in fieldwork, laboratory experiments, and data analysis as well as class discussions. Expert teachers, supported by state-of-the-art facilities, guide you through real-world environmental issues, allowing you to make informed decisions and propose innovative solutions. 

Where can this course take me?

Throughout the course, you will develop transferable skills such as critical thinking, data analysis, problem-solving, and effective communication—attributes highly valued by universities and employers. With the topics learnt in the classroom combined with the extra curricular opportunities on offer, students will become well prepared for a range of career opportunities in environmental consultancy, conservation, sustainability, policymaking, scientific civil service and more. View more enrichment opportunities here.

Extra-curricular enrichment opportunities

Beyond the core curriculum, our Environmental Science A Level course offers additional opportunities to enrich your experience. Engage in practical fieldwork, participate in environmental projects, and collaborate with like-minded peers. These extracurricular activities complement your academic journey, providing hands-on experiences that reinforce theoretical concepts. Join discussions, workshops, and events that broaden your perspective on environmental issues. 

Amongst a large variety of enrichment opportunities at QMC, our new Carbon Literacy enrichment complements this course.  View more enrichment opportunities here.