Careers using A-level Politics

Careers using A-level Politics

We asked ex-QMC A-level Politics students:
1. What are you up to now?
2. How has Politics helped you?

Thank you to our incredible QMC Politics alumni for their support with this project.

Academia (University Lecturing / Research)

Former QMC Politics student, Dr George Severs, describes his academic career, including at Cambridge (left), and how the teachers and big ideas encountered at QMC inspired him (right).



Former QMC Politics student, Helen, describes her accountancy and finance career at Lush Cosmetics (left), and the vital communication skills she learnt at QMC (right).

Dylan went straight from QMC into a top apprenticeship role with Deloitte, helping clients with crisis management (left). In this role Dylan regularly uses creative problem solving, and concise communication skills, honed while studying Politics (right).

Data Analysis

Following his studies in Maastricht, Netherlands, Scott returned to Basingstoke to take up a graduate traineeship focused on data analysis (left)… the analytical skills we work on have been key for Scott (right).

Fashion Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur Sarah has founded www.identityparty.co.uk – a highly successful vintage clothing shop (left). Research skills have aided Sarah in developing her business (right).


Bronagh works in corporate finance (left), utilising her skills in critical thinking and communication throughout her career (right).


Emily advises ministers and military commanders at the Ministry of Defence (left), constructing coherent arguments to support her advice – a skill she began to develop in QMC Politics (right).

Harvey is both an Aviation Activity Officer at the Aerobility disabled flying charity, and a Social Mobility Commissioner at the Cabinet Officer (left). He explains how Politics helped him to better argue, evaluate arguments, and operate within government (right).

Former QMC Politics student Phil works at the Home Office, working on policies to safeguard people from the threat of modern slavery (left). His time with us boosted his self-confidence, as well as skills in critical thinking, textual analysis and compassionate debate (right).


Dom is now a football journalist with the Evening Standard (left). Through A-level Politics, Dom became ever sharper in making that ‘final link’, so that his readers understand precisely the point he wants to convey (right).


Simon progressed from QMC Politics to study Law, and is now an in-house lawyer for Heinz (left). Politics discussions, written communication practice and our study of ideologies all helped Simon along the way (right).

Non-Profit Sector

Kate works for Look Ahead, a homelessness charity, listening to those with lived experience of a range of vulnerabilities, to help the charity deliver better services (left). The content of our Politics course has helped Kate to understand how key decisions are taken (right).

Meghan now works for a charity helping 14-28 year olds to study, work and live abroad (left). Via our lessons, Meghan sharpened her skills in debate, presentation work  and research, all of which she uses today (right).


Ellis is a Parliamentary Assistant for a Member of Parliament. A-level Politics helped give Ellis a passion for making a difference.


Jake is a virtual sales specialist in the IT industry (left). Every day Jake uses listening skills and skills in forming a well-balanced argument (right).

Software Development

Former QMC Politics student and all-round star Dale now works in software development in the banking sector (left). Dale thinks back to our discussions on different views of ‘human nature’, which guide his work today (right).


Former QMC Politics student George now teaches History in a Basingstoke school (left). His Politics A-level (and degree!) gave him communication and problem solving skills which have been vital in his teaching career (right).

Billy is a History teacher (left). A-level Politics has helped Billy to crate clear arguments and explanations for his students (right).