History A Level

History A Level

History A Level

History A Level

History A Level offers new ways to see, think about, and understand the world. How did our world come to be the way it is? How is the country run, and how should it be run? Can we actually know anything about the world!? How can we test the claims and arguments made by other people?

At Queen Mary’s Sixth Form College we offer a captivating array of history courses that transport students through the corridors of time. In addition to Medieval and Tudor History and Modern History A levels on offer, we take pride in being the only institution in the area offering Ancient History as an A Level option.

History A Level equips you with transferable skills that will prove invaluable in any career path or university degree. Whether you aspire to pursue history at university level, engage in related disciplines, or apply your skills in the professional world, each of our History A Level courses empower you to write persuasively, think critically, and analyse text and data with precision.

The History, Philosophy and Politics Department

Whether studying an ancient Roman document, or the very latest developments in Politics, our students become highly skilled in analysing information and making connections. In presenting a case for a particular understanding of a historical period, or a particular ethical position in Philosophy, our students learn to argue intelligently, in essays and in discussion. We help students to ask excellent questions, from Philosophical enquiries into what exists, to which sources to trust most in History.

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Which History is right for me?

Queen Mary’s College offers you a choice of three different, equally exciting, A-level History Courses! Greek and Romans? Crusades, Tudors and Voyages of Discovery? Or British Empire, Cold War and Women’s Modern History? The choice is yours!

Ancient History

The Ancient History course provides a comprehensive exploration of Classical Sparta and Greek civilization during the 5th century. The Roman History component covers early emperors, including Augustus’ transformation of the Roman Republic and the scrutiny of infamous figures like Nero and Caligula.

Medieval and Tudor History

The Medieval and Tudor History course spans 1071 to 1570. The course covers fascinating topics such as the Age of Crusades (c. 1071-1204), the Tudor dynasty (c. 1529-1570) and more.

Modern History

The Modern History course offers a comprehensive exploration of key features of the modern era through various schools of history. You will be able to explore the British Empire from 1857 to 1967,  the intricacies of the Cold War from 1945 to 1991 and the history of the changing position of women from 1791 to 1891.

teaching method

Each of our history courses is taught by dedicated, enthusiastic and innovative specialists who personally craft the excellent booklets you will use. We make what you learn in the classroom environment relevant to the world around you. Additionally, we also offer small-group support to students applying to Oxbridge.

where can this course take me?

As a facilitating subject, our History A Level courses equip students with a wide range of skills which will set them in good stead on their chosen paths. On completing the course, students will be able to:

  • construct fluent and persuasive arguments verbally and in analytical essays
  • deal confidently with sources, amassing and investigating the available evidence
  • evaluate competing historical interpretations
  • come to their own independent conclusions on major issues using this evidence

These are skills which are prized by employers and universities alike. For example, these skills are enormously valuable in any professional role which requires you to write, persuade, think or analyse text or data. Very many of our students go on to study History at university; others take related degrees, and still others use their skills to enter employment. You can see some of our former students’ career paths here.


We offer superb enrichments such as Latin for Beginners and Wider Historical Studies (for history topics not on the exam!) that supplement your learning. The History have also organised trips to Berlin (Modern History) and Rome (Ancient History and Medieval/Tudor History) as well. Throughout the course, you will hear from a wide range of guest speakers like historians and journalists as well.


Fun facts

  • Our History team includes experienced examiners!
  • The students and teachers in our department form a happy and highly supportive learning community.

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Careers using A-level History

History is a hugely respected, multi-vocational A-level. Our students go on to a vast range of exciting careers.
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