Health & Social Care and Childcare

Teachers within the department come from a variety of backgrounds and specialisms, bringing an often unique quality to their teaching.

Having high standards and expectations means that each individual in their care is guided to achieve to the best of their ability.  A significant number of students go on to pursue a related career, ranging from nursing and midwifery to occupational and clinical psychology.


Not sure what to do after College?​

The below widget will enable you to explore a range of career paths that may help you to choose which courses to take at College. Some professions undoubtedly require study at university but increasingly there are also fantastic apprenticeship/sponsored degree/employment routes into many careers e.g. nursing, IT. Be sure to explore all avenues to discover how you can get to where you want to go in the future.​

If you are considering apprenticeship options the Rate my Apprenticeship website offers plenty of advice and useful information. Visit their website here.


Childcare and Education Level 3 Extended Certificate **NEW**
Childcare FAQs
Health and Social Care Level 3 Double Diploma
Health and Social Care Level 3 Extended Certificate
Health and Social Care Level 2
Health and Social Care FAQs

Double Diplomas are equivalent to 2 A Levels
Extended Certificates are equivalent to 1 A Level

Sport, Fitness and Health and Social Care Opportunities


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