Our culture and history have been shaped by Literature and Language for hundreds of years.

Through lessons, clinics, lunchtime courses support workshops and trips we will show you how to read, analyse and write about this rich heritage.

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English Language A Level
English Literature A Level
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English GCSE
Further English
Enrichment course for students in their second year of studying A Level English Literature. It is an extension course to broaden your understanding of the canon of English Literature and to enable you to put your set texts in their literary and cultural context. You will look at a broad range of Literature written over the last ten centuries. There is no homework or formal assessment for this course but you will be expected to undertake additional reading. This course is particularly useful for students thinking of studying English Literature at university, but it will be beneficial for anyone taking English Literature to A Level.
There is no assessment for this course.
Creative Writing
This enrichment course is an opportunity for people who write stories, poems, plays, TV scripts etc to develop their skills and to learn more about the craft of writing.  Students must be prepared to write in a variety of genres and to share their work with each other.
There is no assessment for this course.

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If you are considering apprenticeship options the Rate my Apprenticeship website offers plenty of advice and useful information. Visit their website here.

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