Business Education

Businesses operate in a competitive, dynamic environment.

Our team is made up of teachers with industry experience who bring their knowledge of employment to the classroom to enhance your understanding of major topical issues and the ways in which businesses respond.  QMC has links with several businesses in the local area and organises useful visits and trips to help you understand the world of work.

Every day you will come into contact with the business world, for example, when buying your lunch or working part-time. Business Studies will help you understand this world by looking at how businesses are created, develop, grow, survive crises and perhaps eventually decline. It focuses on people whose skills affect this process and uses theory to analyse the cause and effects of different management approaches.

Courses (Click to see course descriptions)
Business A Level
Business Level 3 Extended Diploma
Business Level 3 Single Diploma
Business FAQs
Economics A Level
Economics FAQs
Business Level 2

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