Law A Level

Law A Level

Law A Level

The course examines the English Legal System and specific areas of Criminal and Civil law including a range of criminal offences, torts and contractual principles.


The Business and Legal Studies Department

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The Business and Legal Studies Team at Queen Mary’s College is made up of teachers who bring their knowledge of employment to the classroom to enhance your understanding of major topical issues and the ways in which businesses respond.
Businesses operate in a competitive, dynamic environment. QMC has links with several businesses and law firms in the local area and organises useful visits and trips to help you understand the world of work in these areas.


Course Summary

The course examines the English Legal System and specific areas of Criminal and Civil law including a range of criminal offences, torts and contractual principles. You will also examine the relationship between law and society with a consideration of the philosophical basis of law in morality. This course will appeal to those who are planning a career in the legal sector or to people who are interested in the operation of law in society. The course examines the legal rules contained in case law and legislation and provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of legal terminology, methods and procedures in preparation for further study and practice.

Specific Entry Requirements

Five GCSEs at grade 4/5 including English. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of the Law to succeed on this course. Most important is a strong work ethic and an interest in how the law impacts society.

Progression Skills and Opportunities

Students will gain the knowledge and skills that will set you apart from law undergraduates who have not studied the subject at A level. The course develops the core legal skills of critical analysis, logical argument and counter argument, research and citation of authorities with the view of preparing you for career progression in the legal sector. These skills are transferable to almost any field of study and would provide a good basis for progression into alternative career pathways.

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed entirely by closed book examination in the second year. The assessment consists of three exams, two hours each.

What topics will I be studying?

  • The Nature of Law: This compulsory section focuses on the nature of law. Learners will explore the nature of law in a wider context and develop their understanding of how the law interacts with morality, justice and society.
  • The Legal system: This section focuses on the civil and criminal courts, the legal professions and access to justice. The processes and people involved in the law and the changing nature of the legal system.
  • Law making: This section focuses on law making in England and Wales. Students will study law making methods and their underpinning concepts.
  • Criminal Law: This section focuses on the rules and general elements of criminal law and provides an introduction to criminal liability through the study of offences against the person and offences against property.
  • The Law of Tort: This section focuses on the rules of tort, liability in negligence, occupiers’ liability and remedies. It provides an introduction to civil liability.
  • The Law of Contract: This option focuses on the central elements of contract law from the formation of contracts to their enforcement.

Will I need specialist materials or equipment?

Learners will be expected to purchase the latest edition of the text book appropriate for the level of course they are studying.

Any Questions?

Our Head of Department, Jordan Renault will be happy to help.

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