Business A Level

Business A Level

Business A Level

The Business and Legal Studies Team at Queen Mary’s College is made up of teachers who bring their knowledge of employment to the classroom to enhance your understanding of major topical issues and the ways in which businesses respond.

Businesses operate in a competitive, dynamic environment. QMC has links with several businesses and law firms in the local area and organises useful visits and trips to help you understand the world of work in these areas.


About Business Studies

Every day you will come into contact with the business world, for example, when buying your lunch or working part-time. Business Studies will help you understand this world by looking at how businesses are created, develop, grow, survive crises and perhaps eventually decline. It focuses on people whose skills affect this process and uses theory to analyse the cause and effects of different management approaches

Business - A Level

Course Summary

This course will appeal to students wishing to study how business works in depth and provides the opportunity to gain understanding of key strategies which enable companies to succeed.

Through taught topics and submitted assignments, learners gain an insight into marketing, finance, human resources and entrepreneurial skills and are encouraged to apply their knowledge when examining a wide range of current case studies.

Specific Entry Requirements

6 GCSE passes at (grade 5) or above, including Maths and English.

Progression Skills and Opportunities

The course allows access to a range of Business based university courses and is appropriate preparation for level 4 Apprenticeships.

How is the course assessed?

100% examination. Three papers, each of 2 hours, including a case study.

What topics will I be studying?

  • What is business?
  • Managers, leadership and decision making
  • Improving market performance
  • Optimising operational performance
  • Improving finance performance
  • Management of human resources
  • Analysing the strategic position of a business
  • Strategic direction
  • Change management

Will I need specialist materials or equipment?

You will need a file to keep notes and a memory stick to keep copies of your work electronically.


During the first year students are introduced to different aspects of business and are also shown the best way of learning:

  • Low level homework – leading to engaging activity based lessonsComprehensive note taking – improve fundamental understanding & building future revision materials
  • Current case studies – applying learnt theory to businesses in the news
  • Class based discussion – students are encouraged to challenge preconceptions in business and offer alternative viewpoints

Jay Patel

I have enjoyed being able to push concepts from GCSE further and examine case studies to gain knowledge of UK and global businesses. I had the chance to attend the Surrey University trip for Business which was very enjoyable and gave us the opportunity to develop our presentation skills. – The Costello School

Any questions?

Our Head of Department, Jordan Renault will be happy to help.

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