Queen Mary’s College Students Celebrate Oxbridge Offers

Queen Mary’s College Students Celebrate Oxbridge Offers

Posted: 26th February 2024

As pictured, left to right; Holly Rust, Will Chave, Rebecca Kearney and Magnus Page.

Queen Mary’s College is thrilled to announce yet another year of exceptional achievement as our students secure their Oxbridge offers. Despite the competitive nature of the admissions process, QMC students have once again demonstrated their academic prowess, with an impressive :

  • 59% of our Oxford applicants receiving interviews compared to the average of 49%.
  • 75% of our Cambridge applicants receiving interviews compared to the average of 70%.
  • Overall, 19% of Oxbridge applicants received an offer compared to the typical rate of 16% for the specific courses applied to.

By participating in our Oxbridge programme, students gain skills to make an exceptionally strong university application – which helps them to earn offers at a range of elite universities. For example, every single one of our Oxbridge Programme students have already received an offer from at least one prestigious Russell Group university (and typically, from several such universities). 

These outstanding results reaffirm QMC’s commitment to academic excellence and highlight the dedication of both our students and staff. Representing a wide range of subjects, here are some of the students who are celebrating their offers this year.

Holly Rust: English Language and Literature, Trinity College, University of Oxford

(Formerly at The Costello School)

Holly has received an offer to study English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. At QMC, she studies English Literature A Level, Biology A Level, Drama and Theatre A Level and Psychology A Level.

“I have really enjoyed studying English at college as I am able to explore a range of texts and am encouraged to branch out my ideas and discuss my own critical opinions about texts without limits. I have received incredible support from the English department, my tutor and the Oxbridge team with my application, and for providing opportunities for me to explore my subject in depth and consider new areas of study. English revision sessions have really helped to improve and consolidate my exam skills as well. The community and people at QMC are really accepting and supportive and the teachers are always willing to help and listen!”

Will Chave: Mathematics, University College, University of Oxford

(Formerly at The Hurst School)

Will has received an offer to study Mathematics at the University of Oxford. At QMC, he studies Double Mathematics (Maths and Further Maths) A Level, French A Level and Computer Science A Level.

“I have received lots of support with UCAS applications, particularly applying to Oxford since we get so much help and feedback on every aspect of the journey. The support in preparation for the maths admissions tests has also been very helpful. My experience at QMC has been great as I have been studying subjects I really enjoy. I especially like Maths as the lessons are challenging while my teachers are always there to help if I don’t understand anything. I feel like QMC has prepared me well for the future!”

Rebecca Kearney: History and Politics, University College, University of Oxford

(Formerly at The Henry Beaufort School)

Rebecca has received an offer to study History and Politics at the University of Oxford. At QMC, Rebecca studied History A Level, Politics A Level and Psychology A Level.

“Studying History, specifically Ancient History, has been so different to anything I’ve ever studied before and has so many layers to discover! I also love Politics as what we learn in the classroom is current and in this way, allows me to learn with real, relevant examples. I have enjoyed various trips throughout my time at college. The trip to Parliament was incredible as I learnt a lot  from our knowledgeable tour guides and it was amazing to see the place where important decisions are made. I also really enjoyed attending the Maria Miller conference as I think it was beneficial to meet with our local MP. 

I have had a lot of support with my Oxford application, receiving help with the History Admissions Test and my personal statement being reviewed.  The Oxbridge support group has  thoroughly helped me gain confidence with my knowledge of the subject I applied to. My personal tutor has been so helpful throughout the UCAS process by checking in and answering any questions and concerns I have had. QMC has been amazing, everyone is so supportive throughout all departments. Anyone would be lucky to come here!”

Magnus Page: Human Sciences, St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford

(Formerly at The Costello School)

Magnus has received an offer to study Human Sciences at the University of Oxford. At QMC, Magnus studies Psychology A Level, English Literature A Level and Biology A Level. 

The university-related support has been outstanding at QMC! From the advice I have received regarding super-curricular activities and my personal statement, to help with admissions tests and being able to take part in mock interviews, the level of support has been invaluable. I have taken part in various enrichments such as the Challenges Abroad scheme where I taught school children in Tanzania; DofE, which was new and refreshing as I learned to value teamwork; EPQ, which provided me with the skills to conduct effective research, use academic references and analyse sources; creative writing, where I gained more insight into an area of my interest and Core Maths, which allowed me to attain a maths qualification after my GCSEs. With this, QMC has definitely helped me develop significantly as a person, while setting me up for a successful future.”

QMC Alumna Mia Loxley who is currently studying Natural Science at the University Cambridge spoke about her experience at QMC stating, “I had great support with Oxbridge at QMC, receiving guidance from subject specialists to prepare for interviews was especially helpful. There were also multiple support sessions for every aspect of the UCAS application journey so any queries I had could always be answered!”

Tom Featherstone, Head of QMC’s Oxbridge Support Programme, and a former QMC and Oxford University student commented, “We are so proud of every one of our Oxbridge applicants they have each received fantastic offers from top universities, and more importantly still, they have become genuine scholars, whose joy in their subjects is so clear. To our future students: if you’re aiming for AAA+ in A-levels, we very much hope you’ll consider joining our Oxbridge Programme!”


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