A Queen Mary's College student exploring the new digital Prospectus

Queen Mary’s College Launches Innovative Online Prospectus 

Queen Mary’s College Launches Innovative Online Prospectus 

Posted: 29th September 2023

Queen Mary’s College is proud to announce the launch of its innovative digital prospectus, a ground-breaking initiative that puts the power to shape one’s future at the fingertips of potential students. This positive move signals the sixth-form college’s commitment to sustainability and aligns perfectly with the eco-conscious mindset of today’s Generation Z.
In a world where sustainability is a pressing concern, Queen Mary’s College has taken the lead, and is the first sixth-form college in the South of England to revolutionise its approach to the traditional prospectus. In collaboration with SMILE, provider of the digital platform, the College’s Marketing Team has eliminated the need for stacks of paper prospectuses, thereby reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future for all.A Queen Mary's College student exploring the new digital Prospectus
The digital prospectus is designed to put students’ interests at the centre of their experience. By answering questions about their interests, prospective students can create a personalised prospectus that generates a list of the most suitable courses, helping them to explore and define their choices. They can also discover the extra-curricular opportunities and gain insight into life as a Queen Mary’s College student. The system has the benefit of always being kept up to date with the latest courses, and the experience is accessible, informative and easily shareable with parents/guardians.

The environmental impact of this change is astonishing. The stack of paper saved by going digital is:

• Taller than Big Ben’s iconic tower, which stands at an impressive 96 meters.
• 2.4 times the height of Winchester Cathedral’s tower.
• Two times the height of Thorpe Park’s thrilling Stealth rollercoaster.
• Taller than 61 Christmas trees stacked on top of each other.
• Equivalent in weight to approximately two Fiat 500 cars or just over 4000 iPhones – the very devices that many Year 10 and 11 pupils are likely using to access the new online prospectus.

Nathan Monk, Co-founder at Prospectus Plus said “It’s exciting to see how Queen Mary’s College is leveraging Prospectus Plus to revolutionise the way prospective students interact with academic opportunities. This platform is designed to empower users, and Queen Mary College’s implementation is a prime example of that. With the integration of Prospectus Plus, prospective students can now enjoy an unprecedented level of customisation, making their course selection process not just easy but also truly personalised.”

Carolyn Kirby, Head of Marketing at Queen Mary’s College said “As we move into the digital age, we are committed to providing students with innovative and sustainable solutions for their educational journey. Our new online prospectus empowers students to explore their academic options more conveniently while reducing our environmental impact. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this positive change.”
To explore the new digital prospectus, please visit prospectus.qmc.ac.uk

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