NHS Insight Day helped informed career decisions

NHS Insight Day helped informed career decisions

Posted: 1st February 2023

Queen Mary’s College students recently attended a second NHS Insight Day at Winchester Hospital, providing them with valuable insight into the various career paths available within the National Health Service (NHS).

The day began with a workshop on the 350+ Careers available in the NHS, followed by a captivating panel talk featuring seven different NHS workers. These included a Health Care Worker and Nursing Apprentice, a Physiotherapist, an Operating Theatre Practitioner, a Speech and Language Therapist, a Radiographer, and two Midwives. The students were given the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about each of the roles, helping to broaden their understanding of the diverse range of careers available within the NHS.

The students also spent time at the simulation centre, where they got to meet ‘Victoria’, a birthing simulator, and attend a CPR and Hand Washing workshop. This gave the students a hands-on experience, allowing them to see the practical applications of what they had learned earlier in the day.

The students were engaged and enthusiastic throughout the day, asking great questions and participating fully in the activities and workshops. The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive, with many stating that the day was incredibly helpful in guiding their decisions on what route they want to take within the NHS.

Work Experience Coordinator, Mia Stewart said “The day was an invaluable opportunity for the students to learn more about the various careers available within the NHS.”

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