QMC students visiting The Black Man monument in Cambodia

Cambodia Trip 2022

Cambodia Trip 2022

Posted: 1st July 2022




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Blogging from Cambodia…

It’s hard to believe that the QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ team are about to do their last day of teaching. It has been an amazing experience, with so much energy and enthusiasm invested, so many new skills gained, and so many great lessons delivered. A real delight to see them give it their all and shine so brightly – QMC students are amazing!

The QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ team have visited a ‘Peace Gallery’ to understand more about Cambodia’s journey over the past 50 years. The era of the Khmer Rouge, 1974-1979, with its unimaginable genocide, is relatively well known but we learnt that the fighting and destruction lasted far longer. It wasn’t until the mid 90’s that a peace agreement was reached and the process of healing and restoration could properly begin.

The QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ Cambodia team have poured themselves – mind, heart, and body – into giving their students creative, engaging, and effective lessons.

Cambodia’s Angkor Wat site comprises an amazing collection of ancient temples and other buildings covering around 500 acres and dating back to the 12 century. The QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ team had the benefit of a very knowledgeable local guide to bring the history of the Angkor Empire to life for them.

The QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ team had the privilege of watching the sun rise over Cambodia’s awe-inspiring Angkor Wat temple site. Once the sun had risen, exploring the temples involved a lot of perspiration as well as a lot of inspiration!

The QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ team are on their way to Siem Reap for the weekend, home of the famous ‘Angkor Wat’ temple site. A well-deserved opportunity to absorb the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Cambodia after an intense week of teaching.

All the food provided for our QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ team has been vegetarian and it is proving to be hugely popular. Cambodia is a great place to go meat-free! We are proud of all our students for being ready to try everything enthusiastically.

The QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ Cambodia team are based in Battambang. The name of the town translates as ‘the lost stick’. There is a local legend about a farmer (the black man) who found a magic stick which gave him the strength and riches to become king, but he lost it all when he lost the stick. Tradition holds that making an offering to the black man can help you achieve good grades in exams.

A sober moment for the QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ team when they visited the ‘killing caves’ near Battambang. These were used as a form of execution during the traumatic ‘Khmer Rouge’ period of Cambodia’s history.

The Cambodian monkeys have proved more popular for the QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ team than the spiders and other bugs!

The QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ Cambodia team have come face to face with some intimidating local wildlife…

The QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ Cambodia team have undergone a rapid transformation from students to teachers. Split into groups of 3 or 4, they have to plan and deliver two one-hour lessons each day. It turns out they are even more wonderful than we anticipated: hard-working, enthusiastic, creative, quick-learning, and so positive with the children!

Dance routines in the rain are a great way for QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ Cambodia team to cool down. The rainy season is VERY hot and VERY humid. We are having lots of fun as well as working hard.

QMC students planted 85 trees around a primary school near Battambang, Cambodia. Wielding a mattock can be added to their CV skills list

The Cambodia team spent time with Buddhist monks, learning about their work in education, non-violence, community and women’s rights. Inspiring and lovely people.

The QMC ‘Challenges Abroad’ student team have made it to Cambodia with all their luggage. Tired, but very very happy to be here. Let the real adventure begin!

Tomorrow the QMC “Challenges Abroad” student team fly to Cambodia. 15 very excited students (and three very excited teachers!). Look out for all the photos and updates and follow #qmccambodiatrip on Facebook.

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