Graphics Prize to Asher Ross

Graphics Prize to Asher Ross

Posted: 5th April 2022

To round off our focus on Fundamental British Values this month, Assistant Principal Beth Linklater dropped in on one of our Graphics classes this morning to award a special prize to Asher Ross for their type collage focused on Democracy.

Asher created it as part of their typography project, and all students on the course took part. They each chose one of the key themes as their starting point and really explored the abstract qualities of the text while also thinking about how they could communicate the idea and meaning behind the theme. They photocopied, traced, distorted and collaged their text, before colours were applied digitally to the final designs.

When speaking to the class, Beth commented on how amazing it was to see the students engage with the topic in a creative way, and how hard it was to choose her favourite. Ultimately Asher (pictured here with their teacher Lee-Anne and Beth) was picked because of the shapes created by their text and how well they communicated the information.

There are now copies of the students’ posters exploring the different themes all over college. As well as helping to get these messages across, it’s been a great experience for our graphic designers to see their work out in the world and doing its job.
Well done to Asher and all the first year Graphics students for producing some amazing work !!

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