Policing Degree Talk

Policing Degree Talk

Posted: 9th December 2021

Yesterday we held a policing degree talk that was hosted by Dr Daryl Kenny who is a programme leader and senior leader for the BSC Professional Policing degree. Daryl has over thirty years of policing experience, five years as an armed officer in Toronto and twenty-six year in Staffordshire. Over the years, he has undertaken a wide variety of mostly front-line policing roles with specialist secondments to the home office, the national policing improvement agency and the College of Policing Westminster.

The course is mainly focused on knowledge skills as well as being evidence based. This is a three year degree course with no placement activity, you will have full support from the staff at any time as well as they provide a programme which is regularly up-to-date, also includes practical exercises, investigations, lectures and even professionals who come and personally deliver the lecture face-to-face.

Lectures are also recorded so if you miss it, you can watch the recording back. This is a no exam based subject and could be interesting for people who study criminology, as the knowledge from that subject goes well with the policing degree. It has three modules with 20 credits and is a complex based subject. The UCAS points needed for this course is between 104-120+ points. If you have any further enquiries please email daryLkenny@Winchester.ac.uk.

Written by Current QMC student, Saadia Chowdhury (Marketing Enrichment)