Travelling to QMC

We have a Green Travel Plan at Queen Mary's College which commits us to cutting down car use to the site as much as possible - both for the benefit of the neighbourhood and to reduce the College’s impact on the wider environment. When thinking about travel to college please remember to look for the most environmentally friendly form of transport

Walking and Cycling 

If you live within Basingstoke consider walking (walking directions) or cycling to College. These methods of travel are cheap, keep you fit and are good for the environment. There are many safe walking and cycle routes in to College and ample covered and guarded cycle parking is available at the College.

Lift shares 

Try and share lifts with family, friends or neighbours who also travel into Basingstoke. If you are being given a lift to College you must use the turning circle and drop off point at the far end of Cliddesden Road. Please be considerate to our neighbours and do not park in neighbouring streets or block driveways.

Public Transport 

The college is approximately 20 minutes walk from train and bus stations. 
Train: South West Trains operate numerous services that stop in Basingstoke.

Stagecoach Bus: Stagecoach bus services are available on most routes to College. You can purchase your Stagecoach bus pass online.

College Bus: We currently operate College buses from the Andover, Burghfield, Fleet, Hook (including Odiham/North Warnborough), Newbury, and Whitchurch/Overton areas.

There is an opportunity to pay in instalments:
£195 cheque/cash/card (prior to or at enrolment) with a completed Direct Debit instruction.

Direct Debits will be set up for two payments, each of £100, for October and November 2017.


Driving and Parking 

Parking spaces at College are limited and priority is given to students who:

  • Have completed at least one full year at the college
  • Need to use their own transport for reasons of disability
  • Live outside a five mile radius from the college (as the crow flies)
  • Live in an area where access to public transport is poor
  • Have attendance greater than 85%
  • Have paid their course fees

If you wish to apply for a parking permit an application form is available from the Help Desk. Each application will be considered on its merits and special cases will be viewed sympathetically. Please note that being issued a permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space. If you are issued a permit to park you will need to purchase a parking smartcard which costs £50 for the whole academic year, £40 from the Spring term onwards, or £20 for the Summer term. You can find driving directions here.

If you have any queries about travel then please contact the College Help Desk, or call us on 01256 417500.


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