International Students

Queen Mary’s College is a licensed (UK Home Office) sponsor of International students and in recent years an increasing number of students have joined the College from China, Nigeria, India, the USA and many other countries. In most cases international students have enjoyed much success at the College and gone on to study in Higher Education either in the UK or abroad. The College is committed to and values equalities, diversity and inclusion for everyone.



As well as the facilities and courses at the College there are many additional reasons to choose Basingstoke as a place of study. The town is modern and prosperous with a thriving economy based on high tech industries and financial services. It is well provided with leisure facilities for sports and arts. It is set in northern Hampshire. This location is within a 50 minute train ride of Central London whilst giving immediate access to some of the most picturesque and historical sites of Southern England.

Finding the Right College for You

If you are interested in an education in the UK you will need to seek a College which is appropriate to your age and level of attainment. Queen Mary's College provides UK Level 3 qualifications, chiefly A Levels. Level 3 is usually taken in the two years BEFORE a degree course. Most of our students are aged between 16 and 19. We are expert at taking students of that age through from GCSEs to university entrance. If you are looking for a degree course we cannot help you. We suggest you try the UCAS web site.We provide full student support services including ESOL. If you enrol at QMC you will normally be expected to have reached a level of sufficient English Language competence to cope with classes of native English speakers (IELTS 5.5 or equivalent).

Further Information

For further information regarding requirements or to apply for a place as an International student at the College please contact Erivan White, Director of Admissions and Liaison at [email protected]


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