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Room Hire 

Central Studio has a number of rooms that are available for hire. These include two dance studios, the theatre and the recording studio, as well as other smaller rooms.

We are happy to cater for professional and amateur performers as well as small corporate conferences and product launches.

For further information please phone the Box Office on 01256 418318 or get in touch via email [email protected]


Our fully air conditioned studio theatre is fitted with retractable, but not removable, seating with an extra 30 loose chairs, available with tables for concerts and cabaret.

There are two PA systems available for use in the space; a hardwired system consisting of CD player, 16 channel mixing desk and front FOH speaker points. This is suitable for most theatrical uses. 

For concerts there is a large PA available with a 48 channel mixing desk and up to 4 monitor sends.

Lighting is provided via a 96 channel Titan control system with the lighting grid arranged in three octagons, following the shape of the theatre, with 3 upstage bars.

For further information please phone the Box Office on 01256 418318 or get in touch via email [email protected].

Click here for the theatre's technical specifications.

Dance Studio


The dance studio is equipped with a sprung wooden floor, sound system, projector, portable dance barres, 8' high mirrors and is warm and well lit.

Most types of dance can be accommodated in the space with main exception being percussive dance forms such as tap etc.

To hire the dance studio, contact the Box Office on 01256 418318 or email [email protected]

Recording Studio


Our aim is simple: to provide the highest level of professional recording at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on the high technical specification of our equipment coupled with the dedication to perfection on all projects. 

Our recording studio consists of two live rooms and a control room and we can record, mix and master everything from a demo CD to broadcast ready radio adverts, seminars and even a live concert.

Our engineers:

At Central Studio we believe that the calibre of engineer is equally as important as the quality of the studio you work in. A great engineer paired with a great studio will produce fantastic results, and so we are proud to offer a variety of top recording and mixing talents specialising in many different genres, who you can hire for your session. Their highly trained ears will work to capture your sound in the best way possible. 

What you can expect:

Whether you want to record in an acoustically treated live room or in our live music venue for a full day or a single hour, we can help. Your music will then be mixed in our control room, as the engineer tailors, edits and perfects your sound. As many musicians often produce their own work, you're involvement in all mixing processes is welcomed. We also offer a mastering service for your tracks, adding the depth and warmth that you would expect to find in a professional end product.

Getting your sound right:

We have a range of instruments and amps that are available for free as part of the studio hire package. We can also cater to your needs should you require drum kits, guitar amps, synths, bass amps, keyboards and grand pianos. We offer rates for session musicians to work with your creativity, ascending your music to higher levels.

Our sound engineers edit your music using Pro-Tools HD 10, the most professional and industry standard audio interface there is. We can record 24 audio inputs simultaneously, up to 192khz at 24 bit. With a final mix of 192 channels, allowing huge amounts of processing power for our range of professional audio plug-ins: Waves, SSL and Universal Audio to name a few. The studio boasts a wide range of virtual instruments from Native Instruments to East West Orchestra bundles. Guitar Rig 3 will help bring your guitar sounds to the forefront of your mix, helping to provide that professional finish.

It doesn't stop there either; we house analogue SSL, Universal Audio and Buzz Audio pre-amps and compressors that fill your music with warmth, depth and tone. Your mix is then controlled on the Digidesign Control 24 digital interface that controls all the parameters of your mix.

To book or for more information about hiring the recording studio please contact the Studio Engineer on: 01256 418318 or email: [email protected].

Equipment Hire

Central Studio is able to supply sound, lighting equipment, and special effects equipment to both professional and amateur groups.

For further details contact the Technical Team on [email protected]


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