Medics and Vets Programme

QMC boasts an unrivalled package of support for students interested in pursuing careers in Medicine, Veterinary and Dentistry. Our team of experts identify such students early on and hold regular meetings to guide them through the process.

Students receive preparation sessions for personal statements, entrance tests and interviews, onsite talks from medical students and those already working in the profession, numerous workshops, trips, discussion groups and projects including the Perspectives on Science EPQ and Genome Sequencing. They also receive help with arranging work experience at the local hospital. As a result of the extensive support and additional opportunities, our students feel well prepared and confident in making the steps to pursue their passion in the Medic/Vet fields.

Medics and Veterinary FAQs

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Success Rates

The results speak for themselves; Since 2012 QMC has enjoyed success rates of 75% and 78% respectively for Medicine and Veterinary applications. The national average is 38%.

Support for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science Applications

•Dedicated Staff mentor to guide you through the process
•Personal statement preparation
•Meetings with students currently at medical schools
•Workshops with medical professionals
•Interview preparation
•Mock interviews
•BMAT and UCAT preparation
•Feedback on interview experiences
•Medical Ethics discussion group
•Fast track EPQ tailored to Medicine / Veterinary Science applicants

What QMC Students Say...

“The one thing that drew me to QMC rather than other colleges was the support for Medicine applications…. particularly for the BMAT and UCAT exams” - Ciaron

 “We had a whole bunch of mock interviews…it’s really essential to prepare for the different types of interview you will face” - Matt

 “At QMC you are provided with an understanding of the medical world, particularly the ethical issues” - Chloe

“The college has a lot of contacts with hospitals and people working in the NHS and was really good at arranging work experience for me” - Jess

 “The [fast track] EPQ was a really interesting experience and was really helpful as a talking point at interview as well as teaching me important skills” - Catie

Video Testimonials

View the videos below to hear from current students about their experiences of the Medics/Vets package at Queen Mary's College.


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