The Local Governors


The Local Governing Body 's role is to exercise leadership, on behalf of the Trust, in the running of QMC. The Governing Body provides information to the trust on the operation and performance of the academy and works in partnership with the Prinicpal and Staff of the College as well as the Trust Board 

Members of the Local Governing Body

Ms Julie McLatch


Chair of the Local Governing Body. Business Development manager 

for a local council and non-practising solicitor, also a Trustee of the

North Hampshire Education Alliance.






Mrs Veronique Allen

Mr Simon Barnard


Parent Governor, also a member of QMC staff

Staff Governor


Dr Audrey Boucher



Retired General Medical Practitioner; Governor with responsibility for

Special Educational Needs.


Mrs Suzanne Cooper



Former company director;

Governor with responsibility for Equality and Diversity.

Mr Ian Ellison


Retired Health and Safety Inspector and senior manager in the

Health and Safety Executive; Governor with responsibility for Health and Safety.



Ms Ali Foss



Principal of Queen Mary's College, also a Trustee of the North Hampshire Education Alliance



Mr Simon Green


Staff Governor


Mr Islam Jalaita


Community Development Officer for Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council; Governor 

with responsibility for Diversity.



Mrs Sally-Ann Hall-Jones   


Human Resources specilist, with a consultancy business based in Basingstoke



Mr Chris Thomas



Learning and Development Specialist, Civil Service, with previous experience as a

senior teacher in a sixth form college and examiner for one of the examination boards.



Mr John Wright


Head Teacher at Local Secondary School, also a Trustee of the North Hampshire Education Alliance



Ms Charlie Hext-Stephens

Ms Rebecca Foley


Student Representative, also vice-president of the QMC Students' Union

Student Representative, also welfare representative on the QMC Students' Union






Dr Toni Baldwin

Academy Secretary, Clerk to the Local Governing Body





Become a Governor

The Local Governing Body is always looking for potential new Governors. The Board meets each half term (six times each year) which all Governors need to be able to attend, to fulfil the role. There is also usually at least one training session each year for Governors, and additional training courses are also available. 

In addition, Governors can assist by being members of various ad hoc working groups with a specific remit. The position of Governor is unpaid, but reasonable expenses may be claimed.

Queen Mary’s College is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and seeks to recruit Governors with the skills that are required for the effective operation of the Board and who reflect the composition of the staff and students, and the community in Basingstoke and the wider area served by the College.

If you would be interested to learn more about what is involved in being a Governor of Queen Mary’s College, please contact Toni Baldwin, the Academy Secretary. 



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