Local Governing Body Minutes

Here are minutes from the last year of Local Governing Body meetings along with the dates of upcoming meetings. Please note that minutes are not uploaded until they have been approved at the following meeting so it may take a while for them to be published. If you would like any further information on LGB meetings please contact Toni Baldwin, the Academy Secretary.  

QMC-LGB 18th June 2019 

QMC-LGB 25th September 2019

QMC-LGB 20th November 2019

QMC-LGB 21st January 2020

QMC-LGB 11th March 2020

Note: as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, LGB meetings have been taking place virtually since March 2020. 

QMC-LGB 5th May 2020

QMC-LGB 17th June 2020 

QMC-LGB 23rd September 2020

QMC-LGB 17th November 2020

QMC-LGB 28th January 2021

QMC-LGB 9th March 2021

QMC-LGB 6th May 2021

QMC-LGB 23 June 2021




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