Science and Computing

Advances in Science and Technology are revolutionising the world in which we live and influence almost every aspect of our lives.


With the pace of discovery and development ever increasing, the range of career opportunities for people with the skills that Science A levels provide are unimaginably diverse and you will always be in demand.  Studying Science in our state of the art labs and project spaces will enable you to develop the necessary technical ability and knowledge to play your part. Whatever your talent, at QMC you will find customised support to meet your aspirations and successfully pursue your particular interests and goals.


Applied Science Level 3 Single Diploma 
Applied Science FAQs

Biology A Level
Biology FAQs

Chemistry A Level
Chemistry FAQs

Computing Level 3 Single Diploma

Physics A Level
Physics FAQs

Electronics A Level
Electronics FAQs

Computer Science A Level
Computer Science FAQs

Perspectives on Science Extended Project Qualification
Perspectives on Science Extended Project Qualification FAQs

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