Modern Foreign Languages

Every language you learn will open doors to a world of exciting opportunities, allow you to tap into new networks, and enrich your education.

QMC offers one of the widest ranges of language courses in the UK, from beginners' course to A Levels.  All lessons are planned to ensure that you benefit from tuition that focuses on your individual needs and interests, the rewards of which are demonstrated in our outstanding results. If you are interested in languages and communication, and enjoy learning about other cultures and ways of life, then Modern Foreign Language (MFL) courses could be an enjoyable part of your studies. Similarly, if you are interested in the business world, in travel or tourism, or in journalism and the media, then you are also likely to find the courses appropriate. There are a number of options in the courses where you can choose a topic to suit your interests. Whether you want to use the language for work, further study, training or leisure, these courses will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge. Many of our students study more than one language and a large number continue languages at university.


Course Descriptions

French, German, Italian and Spanish A Level
Modern Languages FAQs

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