Pitch Hire

Our 3G and Astro pitches are available to hire!

3G Pitch
The latest in football surface technology, 3G pitches are more realistic than Astroturf, yet safer than grass. 3G looks like natural grass and has similar playing characteristics. It's non-abrasive and it can be used with moulded or studded boots. Simply put, the ground provides a firmer grip and allows for better ball control. 

Our floodlit 3G pitch is a fantastic facility which many of our students and sports teams make the most of. The 3G pitch is also used by local clubs, and has even been used by several premier football and rugby clubs for training!

Astroturf Pitches
In addition to the 3G pitch we have a 3/4 sized sand-based Astropitch which is floodlit, and suitable for a variety of sports.

Our 3G and Astro pitches are available to hire on a block or one off basis. To book or enquiry about hiring one of our pitches contact us on 01256 418301 or [email protected]





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