Gold Membership Offer

Join now and pay just £22 per month plus receive a free gift to kick-start your fitness regime!

By joining us in January you pay just £22 per month via direct debit, when joining for a minimum of six months. The Gold membership includes full access to the fitness suite only, you can add classes and the swimming pool for just £10 extra per month by upgrading to our Platinum membership.

Offer ends 31st January and is available to new members only.

The free gift will be activated once we have received your first direct debit payment, choose from: One Month of Free Classes, One Personal Training Session or 2 x Free Reflex Nutritional Drinks.

Why not save time, call us to book an induction 01256 418301 and download the membership forms to complete at your leisure. Just bring the forms on the day you have booked your induction and we can process it all at the same time. Please note there will be an initial per rota payment to make via cash or card on the day. If you have any enquiries or wish to email us your completed membership forms, send them to [email protected]

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