College Field Trips

During your time at College you will have the opportunity to go on field trips and visits, which will bring to life what you have been studying in the classroom.

College field trips are always planned with an educational focus so, as well as being a great opportunity to visit a new place and have fun, they will enhance your learning and understanding of a subject. Recent field trips have included...

  • Media and Film students enjoyed a trip to Los Angeles where highlights included visiting Warner Brothers, Sony and Universal Studios and checking out the sights of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard.
  • Sport students visited Portsmouth University where they took part in laboratory based fitness tests, lectures and workshops.
  • Students who ski, or wanted to learn how to ski, enjoyed a visit to the Swiss resort of Saas Grund on the College ski trip.
  • Politics students visited the Houses of Parliament, where they saw the Speaker’s procession and had a tour of the House of Lords. They also observed court proceedings during additional trips to Winchester Crown Court.
  • Geography students enjoyed a visit to the Sussex coast to complete various fieldwork activities including land use sketching, land use survey, pedestrian counts and Environmental Quality Surveys.
  • Volunteering students gained an insight into West Africa during a trip to Ghana. During the stay they enjoyed supporting children at a nursery and spent time helping members of the local community.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award students enjoyed numerous camping and walking experiences in preparation for their assessed expeditions.
  • Dance students visited the Royal Opera House to observe a professional class by some of the most gifted classical dancers before being treated to a   performance of the Royal Ballet. 
  • Economics students enjoyed a day out in London with a tour of the historical financial district of the city, and visits to the Bank of England Museum, and the London Transport Museum.
  • Biology students enjoyed a residential ecology course at a specialist Field Studies  Centre in Dorset.




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