Work Experience Success Stories

Ashton Clayton


During Ashton’s time at QMC, she studied the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care. This was a two year course and was 100% coursework based.

Ashton said, “This meant I needed to have a lot of concentration and dedication for each unit and assignment I was given, as they all contributed towards my end result! However, it was a great course to study as it made me become more independent as an individual, due to it being coursework based, I had to motivate myself and ensure that each assignment and unit was completed to your highest standard and ability. This helped me as an individual as it encouraged me to be more independent and determined in regards to taking responsibility for myself and my actions outside of college and the decisions I was making for my future, as well as the coursework that I produced.” 


My Journey at QMC

“My experience at QMC overall, was truly rewarding. Although my journey was cut short due to COVID, I feel as though QMC’s staff, environment, and the courses provided, played a huge part in my growth in both my confidence and independence as an individual, helping me achieve my dream job in my current career now.” 

“Throughout my time at QMC, I received nothing but continuous support and encouragement from both my teachers and tutor. With this support, it pushed me to thrive further in all my units and assignments even when they got tough. My teachers were all very supportive, friendly, kind and easily approachable which made me always feel at ease and comfortable when in their learning environment. QMC is also a new environment which holds not only various opportunities in regards to an education and achieving what you would like to, but it also is a place that gives you the opportunity to build new friendships with other students that you may not have previously had, and openly accepts each student the way they are.”


 Work Experience

“During my Health and Social Care course, we had a few different opportunities of work placements offered to us and since Health and social care can lead to multiple different career opportunities within various sectors of care; the work placements offered to us during our time here, gave us the chance to experience different areas of both health and social care careers and environments. This helped us as students gain a clearer indication of the sector of care we wanted to go into in our future and which one was best suited to us and our abilities, as each individual is different. Personally, the work experience placements and opportunities in my course was a huge influence which became not only my success at college but my success since leaving college in regards to my current career and future. My placement during my time at QMC, is now actually my workplace, and helped me to develop within this sector of care and achieve the career I set out to always want to achieve. So for this I couldn’t thank QMC and its staff and support enough!”




My Career

“These work experience placements, my health and social course, the staff, and my grades I received at QMC have all made me the person I am today, and most importantly has helped me achieve what I set out to, and has made me lucky enough to land myself my dream job and career, of which I now get to live each day.

I am now a PTP (professional teaching partner) at a local primary school in Basingstoke. I am also a 1-1 for a particular young child in my class who suffers from a severe case of brittle bone disease and cysts on their bones. This means they are in a wheelchair and require a lot of support and care throughout their school period each day, but still have the opportunity to achieve what every other child can in their class despite their disability. Despite this being very difficult and challenging at times, it is truly rewarding and I am honoured to hold such a huge responsibility, and to have such an impact and influence on so many children’s lives and success in regards to their education.” 

 Thank you QMC

“So a huge Thank You to all the staff at QMC for all the support I received throughout my time here especially the Health and Social Care staff. Lyn, Bridget, Lisa and Frankie how could I ever forget you?! And who would’ve thought I would come this far from how I was at the start of my journey? (I know I didn’t expect it either! and sorry for all the stress I may have caused you when I was worrying about my assignments but it paid off in the end ;). QMC holds many opportunities for future careers and success, and also can provide you with any support that you may need throughout your time there.”






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