Virtual Work Experience 2021

Allied healthcare virtual Live Event

Anna Soccard took part in the 'Allied healthcare virtual Live Event'


Course/courses studying or studied at QMC:

Biology, PE and Health and Social Care

What kind of Virtual Work Experience did you take part in?

Allied healthcare virtual live event

What did you think of the work experience?

It was great! Very informative.

Was it beneficial?

I want to go into healthcare in the future, so this was good for me to see different job roles within healthcare.

What did you learn?

I learnt how the different professions work together and individually to support the patient. Also, what each role involves for example, there was a nutritionist who treated a patient as a part of the scenario and then afterwards spoke about how they got into the role and what it is really like.

What did you take away from this experience?

It made me think about different professions I could go into within healthcare, not just the ones we would normally think of.

Any further information about the experience and how you feel QMC helped make this a successful experience for you as a student.

QMC really supported me into doing this and I had a meeting arranged with the work experience coordinator who told me all the different options available to me so I can get the relevant experience. My tutor also was very supportive, and we discussed further what roles I may want to go into during my 1:1.


The Young Dentist - Virtual Work Experience

 Aram Hare took part in a two-day course which was called 'The Young Dentist, Virtual Work Experience'.

This was run by a company called InvestIN and the tutors on the course were all dental health professionals who are working in dental practices around the UK.

Course/courses studying or studied at QMC:

Biology, Chemistry, Math’s, Perspectives on Science EPQ, and National Pool Lifeguard Qualification

What kind of Virtual Work Experience did you take part in?

"I took part in a two-day course which was called The Young Dentist.  This was run by a company called InvestIN and the tutors on the course were all dental health professionals who are working in dental practices around the UK."

What did you think of the work experience?

"I thought the work experience was brilliant.  It contained lots of information about what the career of a Dentist involves.  It also enlightened me to all the different specialties contained within the dental profession."

Was it beneficial?

"Yes.  It has confirmed to me that Dentistry is the career that I want to pursue."

What did you learn?

"I learned about all the different types of specialties that Dentistry contains and the different Dental careers available.  I also was made aware of the university entrance exams (UCAT and BMAT), what a patient consultation is like, and how to deal with an irritable patient.  Also, we did a hands-on practical which involved carving a tooth out of a bar of soap.  This was to give us an insight into carving teeth out of wax, which I will do at Dental School and is also used to demonstrate the need for manual dexterity."

What did you take away from this experience?

"The main takeaway for myself was that – although a hard career, dentistry is a rapidly evolving profession with new changes in the technology and treatment happening frequently.  It also showed me – although sometimes a neglected part of our body – oral health is very important to a persons general health and wellbeing."

Any further information about the experience and how you feel QMC helped make this a successful experience for you as a student.

"The careers department at QMC made me aware of the course which has been beneficial to my understanding of the field of Dentistry, and has allowed me to get some work experience which would be otherwise very difficult to obtain."


Medic Mentor’s Virtual Work Experience

Taeshayla Marie Copage took part in Medic Mentor’s virtual work experience for aspiring medics.


College attending and Courses studying

"At QMC, I am studying Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and an EPQ in perspectives on science."


What kind of Virtual Work Experience did you take part in?

"I have taken and am currently still taking part in Medic Mentor’s virtual work experience for aspiring medics."


What did you think of the work experience?

"I think Medic mentor’s virtual work experience is so amazing as doctors and health care professionals have given up their time, even in this pandemic, to make this for work experience for us. I think the case scenarios are so amazing to watch as you really get an insight into how the doctors and specialists handle each situation and how they interact with each as part of a multidisciplinary team and you are taken on a journey on the patient’s recovery which is very satisfying to see. Even though it is virtual, there is still the element of interactivity, as if we are really there as it is live and we are able to ask questions to the doctors in real time using slido and we even get to take part in quizzes which is so fascinating as we get to learn new information! For example, I learnt that a GP consultation is only allowed to take 10 minutes. Also, what is so valuable about this work experience is that each scenario incorporates the skills of a doctor. For example, so far, we have seen team work, communication skills and leadership in already and we are only half way through."


Was it beneficial?

"I think this work experience is so beneficial as not only do we get to understand in depth about different roles of doctors in their specialty e.g., GP or Intensive care specialists, but also, we get to see the key skills of a doctor being shown and how the doctors interact with their patients, which is so valuable as when we become doctors, we can use this work experience and apply it for the future, remembering the key skills of a doctor.

As well as seeing the skills of a doctor, which is very important for aspiring students like myself to understand. Another great thing is that we have breakout sessions which really helps to consolidate what we can take way from each session that can be written about in our personal statement and the homework activities are so beneficial as it allows us to practice reflecting use Gibbs reflective cycle on the session we have seen. It is also very beneficial as for each session, the doctors give you new knowledge e.g., about Gillick competence and so gives you potential ideas for wider reading, which is also very important in interviews to show commitment to the subject."


What did you learn?

"Taking part in this work experience has taught me a lot. For example, the different areas you can go into with medicine which I didn’t realize before how broad it is. I also learnt the key skills of a doctor, the NHS constitutional values and the quality-of-care domains, including the four ethical pillars which must be abided in the work of a doctor. This is very useful as this knowledge can be used not only for interview practice when trying to get into medicine at University as the interviewers will expect students to know the ethical principles in healthcare and the key skill of a doctor, but also can be used when practicing the works of a doctor, to always keep these ideas in mind to ensure the best care is given to the patient.

So not only is the work experience so relevant but also so inspiring as it motivates you to want to become a doctor. I also learnt the Gibbs reflective cycle, which is the way that doctors themselves reflect and this is so beneficial to learn as this concept can be used when writing personal statements, which is great preparation practice when getting into higher education and when we become doctors, we will be using this, again emphasizing the relevance of this programme. I have also learnt invaluable insights from medical professionals themselves, discussing their career and giving a real insight to what it’s like to work in their profession e.g., we had a GP talk to us about the day in the life of his job and the good and bad things about being a GP. For example, the case scenarios, as well as what the GP actually said taught me that this line of work has a variety of patients and you just don’t know who is going to enter the door so it’s quite an interesting career as you never know what to expect."


What did you take away from this experience?

"From this experience, I have learnt that a career in medicine is challenging but is so rewarding and I have learnt key knowledge which will really come in handy, especially in interviews and when I actually become a doctor. Sometimes, with work experience it’s hard to find the relevance and what you can take away from it and how it can be applied to real life, but with medic mentors, it is relevant not only currently but also for the future when we actually become doctors!"


Any further information about the experience and how you feel QMC helped make this a successful experience for you as a student.

"This experience has been so amazing as its what also allowed me to immerse myself in all of medic mentors’ other opportunities for aspiring medics and QMC really helped me make this a successful experience as they introduced me to it and when I had difficulty getting a place, they emailed medic mentor and because of that I was able to get onto the work experience programme. Also, QMC’S work experience coordinator advised me to make a note of what I was leaning and keep a log which I have been doing."


Work Experience 2020

Ashton Clayton


During Ashton’s time at QMC, she studied the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care. This was a two year course and was 100% coursework based.

Ashton said, “This meant I needed to have a lot of concentration and dedication for each unit and assignment I was given, as they all contributed towards my end result! However, it was a great course to study as it made me become more independent as an individual, due to it being coursework based, I had to motivate myself and ensure that each assignment and unit was completed to your highest standard and ability. This helped me as an individual as it encouraged me to be more independent and determined in regards to taking responsibility for myself and my actions outside of college and the decisions I was making for my future, as well as the coursework that I produced.” 


My Journey at QMC

“My experience at QMC overall, was truly rewarding. Although my journey was cut short due to COVID, I feel as though QMC’s staff, environment, and the courses provided, played a huge part in my growth in both my confidence and independence as an individual, helping me achieve my dream job in my current career now.” 

“Throughout my time at QMC, I received nothing but continuous support and encouragement from both my teachers and tutor. With this support, it pushed me to thrive further in all my units and assignments even when they got tough. My teachers were all very supportive, friendly, kind and easily approachable which made me always feel at ease and comfortable when in their learning environment. QMC is also a new environment which holds not only various opportunities in regards to an education and achieving what you would like to, but it also is a place that gives you the opportunity to build new friendships with other students that you may not have previously had, and openly accepts each student the way they are.”


 Work Experience

“During my Health and Social Care course, we had a few different opportunities of work placements offered to us and since Health and social care can lead to multiple different career opportunities within various sectors of care; the work placements offered to us during our time here, gave us the chance to experience different areas of both health and social care careers and environments. This helped us as students gain a clearer indication of the sector of care we wanted to go into in our future and which one was best suited to us and our abilities, as each individual is different. Personally, the work experience placements and opportunities in my course was a huge influence which became not only my success at college but my success since leaving college in regards to my current career and future. My placement during my time at QMC, is now actually my workplace, and helped me to develop within this sector of care and achieve the career I set out to always want to achieve. So for this I couldn’t thank QMC and its staff and support enough!”




My Career

“These work experience placements, my health and social course, the staff, and my grades I received at QMC have all made me the person I am today, and most importantly has helped me achieve what I set out to, and has made me lucky enough to land myself my dream job and career, of which I now get to live each day.

I am now a PTP (professional teaching partner) at a local primary school in Basingstoke. I am also a 1-1 for a particular young child in my class who suffers from a severe case of brittle bone disease and cysts on their bones. This means they are in a wheelchair and require a lot of support and care throughout their school period each day, but still have the opportunity to achieve what every other child can in their class despite their disability. Despite this being very difficult and challenging at times, it is truly rewarding and I am honoured to hold such a huge responsibility, and to have such an impact and influence on so many children’s lives and success in regards to their education.” 

 Thank you QMC

“So a huge Thank You to all the staff at QMC for all the support I received throughout my time here especially the Health and Social Care staff. Lyn, Bridget, Lisa and Frankie how could I ever forget you?! And who would’ve thought I would come this far from how I was at the start of my journey? (I know I didn’t expect it either! and sorry for all the stress I may have caused you when I was worrying about my assignments but it paid off in the end ;). QMC holds many opportunities for future careers and success, and also can provide you with any support that you may need throughout your time there.”






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