Students Collection for Local Food Bank

For the past couple of weeks, QMC students have been donating their unneeded foods and products to the Foodbank Collection point in college. Tinned foods, pasta, crisps and snacks, toiletries and cleaning products are just a few of the variety of goods kindly donated. Altogether, approximately 20 boxes of supplies were donated by students across the college, which were greatly received by the local Foodbank.


The member of staff in charge of the collection was Beth Linklater, who was thrilled at the positive response that the organisation had from students; “It was great to see so many donations coming in from staff, students, and community users. The Foodbank staff were very grateful and said they would go to help Basingstoke families in real need. We will continue to act as a Foodbank collection site, so please keep on donating!” One student who did their part for the collection was Megan Bennett, who wants this event to encourage others; “It was really good to get involved. It had a really positive community spirit feel and I hope even more people are inspired to get involved! Whether they donated 1 packet of biscuits or 10 tins of beans, every student involved has helped to improve the lives of those in need in our local area.”


Image above (from left) – Ellen Linklater, Anjelika Galapon, Bhuvan Setty and Megan Bennett.



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