QMC is in the top 15% of Colleges

Recent rankings places Queen Mary’s College in the top 15% of Colleges nationally for Individual Student Progress. Highlighting the colleges continued success in helping students to reach their full potential, the ALPS (A-level Performance System) is a nationally recognized system used by over 1400 A level providers, including all sixth form colleges. It measures the value added to a student’s  A level or level 3 BTEC performance compared to what would  be expected of them based on their individual  performance at GCSE.

Teachers and staff at QMC work hard to provide different levels of support to enable each student to flourish and this is also reflected in their outstanding results each year, not only with the highest performers but with those who have not performed to their best ability at school.

Principal Ali Foss commented “QMC’s high ranking reflects our ability to be genuinely inclusive: as Ofsted recognized, our students consistently gain higher grades than their peers, regardless of their starting points. I feel privileged to have such talented and committed members of staff who work tirelessly to teach and support our fabulous young people”    




The truest measure of our students’ success is to be found in the value that we add between the point students start and the time when they take their external qualifications.This is where QMC truly shines: the value-added ‘thermometer’ depicted in this section places us in the  ‘excellent’ category.  We are in the top 15% of all Colleges.

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