Politics Students Enjoy Learning in Lockdown

It’s learning as usual for students of QMC as the College continues to excel while adapting to the technological challenges of teaching in a virtual world. Politics students, supported by Director of Learning Tom Featherstone have particularly enjoyed participating in the Mock Parliament with students playing the role of fictional MPs, asking questions to the (student) prime minister.

Katie Westwood, who took on the role of Prime Minister in the most recent mock parliament said
“I have really enjoyed QMC politics through lockdown, it feels like we are still in class!  I am learning just as much as I usually would but with an added element of fun with online mock parliaments and cabinet meetings.  I was able to play the role of PM and we all found it so enjoyable and quite funny to think up questions and answers on the spot!  Our lessons online feel just like a normal lesson; same amount of work, same amount of homework and we all still have a lot of fun together through the chat.  When completing essays through lockdown I have found the feedback so helpful!  I can’t wait to continue with politics online and am so excited to see the class again in person whenever we can!”

Tom Featherstone, an ex QMC student himself teaches Politics alongside his Director of Learning role. He commented “Activities like mock Parliament are so important – for memory, for understanding, for enjoyment, and for life skills like communication. But during ‘lockdown’ they take on an additional role: they are also a super way of keeping up the social side of learning. Our Politics students are a fantastic community of committed learners.”

Alize Bates, who also studies Politics and took part in the most recent mock parliament added “It has been very different trying to do college work from home. Sticking to the same routine as if we were still in college has been very beneficial as it not only means that we stay on top of work but also it has given a basic structure for my week to stay on track. It's been a lot of fun as we have done online mock Parliaments and Cabinets trying to simulate how it is in Parliament right now! We are still able to communicate just like in college, and even still able to do timed essays! These have been very useful and the feedback has really helped to show how I can improve. It is also still just as easy to contact the teachers if you are struggling and they are always very helpful!”




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