Operating Theatre Live November 2017

Operating Theatre Live, an interactive operating experience, returned to QMC for the third year running this year, with another group of our ambitious Science, Psychology and Health and Social Care students keen to get involved. From anesthetising and patient care, inflating lungs and dissecting hearts, to brain dissections in regards to neurology. This provided all of the students with a fascinating insight into not only the  anatomy of the body, but how to perform operations and administer personalised, calculated dosages of anaesthetic. 
The aim of this opportunity to enthuse and inspire our young generation of potential surgeons, vets, doctors, nurses and anybody planning to work within a variety of medical fields. The students found the experience extremely worthwhile and enriching. The workshop was vital in building skills involving new processes and equipment. 

“I like the practical aspect of the Operating Theatre Live, as it gives us a chance to really take a look and see what’s inside the body, rather than just looking at diagrams in a classroom. It really is a first-hand experience of what jobs within medicine could be like!”
-    Ellen (studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Politics)

“This experience has confirmed my passion in pursuing medicine, as the hands-on aspect has really helped develop skills that I will need in the future, such as handling all of the specialist equipment and the real organs; the realistic setting helped me get a feel of what being in an operating theatre would really be like.”
-    Anjelika  (Studying Biology, Chemistry, French and Perspectives on Science Extended Project Qualification)


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