New York Art Trip November 2017

"Back from New York and have had one of the best times of my life. Such an amazing experience!" - Eden Poole (Currently studying Photography, Graphics and Drama)

“The opportunity to go to somewhere like New York and create art as well as visiting world class galleries was amazing for all involved and the students were really engaged and enthusiastic. It’s a trip like this that can really change how a student sees art and the kind of work they produce and we’re really excited to see the work they create as a result” - Tom Cops, Teacher of Art

A group of over twenty Art students jetted off to New York last week. Staying in the heart of Manhattan they started with a visit to the Museum of Modern Art, where students spent the morning looking at and analysing the work of artists they had previously only ever seen in books and on the internet. That afternoon they travelled to Brooklyn by subway where students spent the afternoon doing photoshoots and observational drawings on the streets of Williamsburg.

The following morning an outing to the Guggenheim enabled students to experience the amazing architecture of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed building while also seeing more art. In the afternoon they travelled to Coney Island; the subway out of Manhattan provided amazing views of the city. Students took the opportunity to work in their sketchbooks and do shoots while teachers looked through and critiqued their work. 

In Coney Island, students studied and recorded the faded and iconic amusement park which was particularly beautiful off season. For many this was the highlight of the trip and the work produced there was particularly strong.

On the last day they visited Central Park, ice skating in the middle of the park, and the Highline, a former raised railway line transformed into a public space. Both gave students a final opportunity to make observational drawings and take photos before heading back to the airport and home.

The work created will feed into current projects and  the experience will continue to inspire students for a long time to come. 



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