Mary Rose Study Day for History students

Early Modern History students attended a study day at the Mary Rose in Portsmouth. Famously the wreck of the Mary Rose was retrieved in the 1980s and has been preserved in a special museum. It was sunk during a French invasion of 1545, in front of Henry VIII.

Students had the chance to explore the possible reasons that the Mary Rose sank. They also took the opportunity to handle a range of replica artefacts found on the Mary Rose and to work out what they would have been used for. The students judged the evidence provided by the artefacts, which suggested how religion was changing in England during this period both at an official level, and how ordinary people experienced religion. History teacher, Rachel Kirby commented, "The students impressed us all with their source analysis and evaluation skills."


The most popular part of the day was the opportunity to walk around the museum, which is created around the wrecked shell of the 500 year old Mary Rose itself. Students had the chance to handle original canon balls (heavy), replica chain mail (very heavy) and to try and draw back a long bow (surprisingly difficult).

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