LA Media Trip February 2018

In February 2018, staff from Queen Mary's College accompanied a group of 36 Media and Film Studies students on a week-long field trip to Los Angeles, California. While there, students visited a number of Hollywood's historic film studios, including Universal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and Paramount. They enjoyed guided tours of these facilities and were provided with an invaluable behind-the-scenes look at how the studios produce some of the world's most famous films and TV shows.

The group also visited a number of other sites of cultural and historic interest, including Los Angeles Plaza Historic District, the Farmers' Market and Hollywood Boulevard, site of the Dolby Theatre, current home to Hollywood's annual Academy Awards ceremony. A morning visit to Griffith Observatory also offered stunning views over Los Angeles and the chance to see the location used in such iconic films as Rebel Without a CauseThe Terminator and 2017's Oscar-nominated La La Land.

Media Studies student, Nathan Rivett, commented "The trip was amazing. It has definitely provided me with a far more rounded understanding of the film and television industries. Although I loved every second of it, I particularly enjoyed Warner Bros studio tour." These sentiments were echoed by fellow student, Imogen Cuthbertson: "The trip was fantastic and it's definitely opened my eyes with regards to my future career options."   

Teacher, Chenise Mears, was similarly enthusiastic: "It was amazing. It's great to see the students enjoying themselves so much. My personal highlight though was getting to stand in the exact sound stage where Star Wars and La La Land were scored!"

Trip organiser, Ian Keetch, concluded by commenting that, "Once again, the trip was a resounding success. Our students have clearly gained a lot from the experience, with many of them returning home with broader horizons and a clearer idea of the wealth of job opportunities available to them. We are now looking forward to offering next year's students the same fantastic opportunity."

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