The Remote Classroom at QMC

Some examples of the innovative and excellent learning opportunities that are being delivered remotely at QMC:

Media & Film

As part of an enrichment a few weeks back the Short Film making Enrichment class were given the following brief: "Your first challenge is to produce a short film from a first person perspective. This can be all one take, or can be edited on your phone / computer. Students produced short film like videos, shown almost as a trailer to showcase their editing, cutting and filming abilities.


Students  enjoyed looking at the science of the sun in a talk by  Professor Nick Evans from the University of Southampton entitled “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”.

The sun is the nearest star and so the perfect playground to understand stellar dynamics and natural fusion. In the talk Nick imagined a journey from the Earth to the centre of the sun as students explored questions such as: How large is the solar atmosphere? What are the origins of the sunspot cycle and coronal heating? Why is the light emitted a continuous spectrum? What are the processes in the sun's core that cause the generation of so much energy? What is the nature of the weak nuclear force that is central to the dynamics?

Attending talks like this offer a superb source of evidence for personal statement/CV etc., showing a commitment to expanding beyond the bounds of taught courses. The Science Department have continued to offer a range of useful online talks such as this one, and are grateful to the visiting speakers for adapting their delivery of talks throughout lockdown.

The University of Law ran a 'True Crime' event for some of our Law and Criminology students. This session enabled students to find out more about a range of careers within the criminal justice system. They were also able to discuss some well-known criminal cases such that of Jack the Ripper, weighing up the evidence against various suspects to decide upon his possible identity. Students enjoyed the event and felt that it gave them good basis for further research. 

Health & Social Care 
The Health and Social Care students were pleased to welcome a visiting speaker to their online lesson. The students are currently studying a unit on complementary therapies and researching the role that this has alongside more conventional medicine. The group were joined by Juliet Westwell who is a registered osteopath. She spoke passionately about her work with patients who have muscular skeletal injuries. Juliet was keen to explain that her discipline is holistic (treats the whole person) and that she gathers information about the person's lifestyle and diet to help her treat them. Juliet also practices Western Medical Acupuncture which is effective on patients suffering from chronic pain. The students were fascinated to learn about the range of conditions that Juliet can treat, and this information will be invaluable in helping them with their research into complementary therapies.

Work Experience
The Work Experience Team has been very busy ensuring that opportunities for students to gain valuable placements continue to go ahead. For example, several students have been engaged with the Medic Mentor’s virtual work experience for aspiring medics. Shayla, one of the students taking part said “Even though it is virtual, there is still the element of interactivity, as if we are really there. It is live and we are able to ask questions to the doctors in real time From this experience I have learnt that a career in medicine is challenging but is so rewarding and I have learnt key knowledge which will really come in handy, especially in interviews and when I actually become a doctor.” 

Lifeguard Qualfication (NPLQ)
Students have been able to work towards gaining the National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification. The course has a significant amount of theory content that is being taught remotely, with great interaction from students. The practical CPR, first aid and water rescue aspects will be covered in QMC's swimming pool, when we are back on site.  

Politics Podcasting
Students in the ‘Pupil Politics’ podcasting group still meet together digitally to record their fantastic podcasts including one on the announcement that traditional exams are cancelled. Perhaps Ofqual was listening, as many of the students’ predictions ended up being in the latest Ofqual consultation! 
To listen to our full podcasts, just search for ‘Pupil Politics’ on Spotify.

Year 1 Law students have been studying Voluntary Manslaughter as a topic. They were put into small breakout rooms to discuss the legal principles surrounding this area of law. The use of cameras and microphones boosted social learning and students reported feeling 'better' after interacting and engaging with their peers and are looking forward to subsequent lessons. 

Art Club 
Students in our online Saturday Club for Year 8 & 9 pupils have been exploring drawing techniques and media. They have tried a range of mark making and line work and used inks and watercolours to introduce tone and value. Once they had mastered some ways in which line and tone can be used they were asked to produce some expressive still life drawings. The sessions are three hours long and the students stayed so engaged, producing some really sensitive and exciting work, despite the remote environment.



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