Film and Media trip to Los Angeles

Our students were California Dreaming as they made their way down the Yellow Brick Road to La La Land on the annual QMC Film and Media trip to Los Angeles.

The students experienced brief encounters with studio tours (including Warner Bros, Paramount, SONY and Universal), star spotting Kayne West on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as the Oscar preparations quite literally happened all around them. Their journey took the students via Hogwarts in Universal and then under the bridge downtown to visit the Historic Centre where LA was founded.

A visit to the Griffiths Observatory, where a star is born, brought students closer to the stars and the infamous Hollywood sign. On their return home, they travelled back to the future before terminating their visit to Muscle Beach, made famous by everyone’s favourite actor come Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

They walked on sunshine along Venice beach which led them to the end of the world famous Route 66 on Santa Monica Boulevard, overlooking the Santa Monica pier and some very famous shops for last-minute retail therapy.

As they watched the sunset in the rear window they headed to LAX to catch a plane, train and automobile back to the UK, very tired but full of understanding as to how the real Hollywood and studio systems work.   



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