Elite Skills Developed on Army Day

As part of QMC’s Progress Review Programme the army recently spent the day in College running Elite Skills Training with all of the Progression to Level 3 students.

The day was run by a team of 8 Army personnel, headed up by an Officer and seven other Lance Corporals and Privates, who were able to run all of the activities outside and to take advantage of the beautiful grounds and autumn sunshine too!

There are currently Progression to Level 3 courses running across Business, Performing Arts, Media, Sport and Health and Social Care departments and all of those students were invited to take part. The Army very quickly put them into mixed groups of about 8, giving them the opportunity to work with, and get to know, students from other courses.

The students completed a variety of mentally and physically challenging activities with the aim of developing leadership, teamwork, confidence and communication skills.  After each activity they enjoyed the opportunity for discussions with the soldiers and officers. 

The students thoroughly enjoyed the day, and felt like they had got a lot out of the sessions as well as building important friendships with their fellow students. Bethany Ellis (pictured below) enjoyed participating in the 'fun activities' especially as she was also celebrating her birthday on the same day. Bethany, who is currently on the Business Progression Course, commented "I got to build friendships with students who I didn't already know and, because I'm quite chatty, I found that I helped other quieter students to come out of their shell and to communicate with the group."

Bethany Ellis pictured taking part in the Elite Skills Army Day

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