The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Mission accomplished! The Duke of Edinburgh Award students walked 90 plus kilometres across five days, finishing in Emsworth. It took its toll on feet, knees, and ankles but that did not deter the students who were grateful to finally be out by the coast in the sunshine.

Despite the pandemic, the DofE enrichment has continued throughout. Students have, until now, been unable to get out and about on the usual expeditions throughout Covid. However, usual activities were adapted to enable them to work towards the Award. Before restrictions were lifted they enjoyed an afternoon setting up camp on QMC grounds. 


At the first opportunity they were back out exploring on their 90km trek! One student said, “It was so great to get out, it felt like a holiday!” 

Sarah Goldson, Teacher of PE added “The students have gained confidence, resilience and have overcome personal challenges. It really has been a team effort. I’m really proud of their efforts."


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