Dialogue Society Event April 2018

On Tuesday 24th April, QMC were joined by 3 guest speakers from the Dialogue Society for a Q&A with students, teachers and members of the public. The charity aims to ‘advance social cohesion by connecting communities through dialogue’, and QMC are thrilled to have invited them in to share their views. Dr Sena (Muslim), Stephen Leach (Christian) and Lisa Marie Taylor (Buddhist) all talked about the importance of sharing food as part of their faith, as well as Dr Sena giving the audience an introduction to Noah’s Pudding, a meal which in the Muslim faith is told to have been made by Prophet Noah during the Great Flood, and it’s importance in Muslim tradition.


Students were then able to ask the panel various questions regarding their views on current political, social and personal issues based on their own religions, such as questioning the harmony of multi-faith societies, personal identities and anti-discriminatory legislation. This lead to discussions amongst the three speakers, with agreements and alternative views. This helped the students to gather a variety of opinions of representatives of different religions.


Both audience and speakers then gathered outside the stage each given a Noah’s Pudding, with students eagerly asking further questions and interacting with the staff and the public. A great time was had by all involved; everybody learning something new and gaining fresh angles on contemporary issues. One member of staff, Sally-Anne Spooner, said that the event was an “excellent opportunity to appreciate what we have in common across different faiths”, adding “It’s always good to talk about food!”



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